Omni Escapes Magazine Escapes Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 17

CHARRED CACTUS AT CAMPFIRE IN CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA Campfire’s Charred Cactus pays homage to San Diego’s food culture with its use of nopales cactus leaves, which Bar Manager Leigh Lacap and his team grill over red oak until they’re blackened and tender. The cooked cactus is then boiled and simmered in a com- bination of sugar and water before it is blended. The real magic, however, is in its use of one of this year’s biggest culinary trends: activated charcoal. Charcoal is added to the tequila, which is then combined with white peach purée and fresh lime juice. CAFÉ PIERRE AT COMMANDER’S PALACE IN NEW ORLEANS Long before magical cocktails were trending at bars across the country, New Orleans had its own showy options, such as the café brûlot. An after-dinner libation, the brandy-spiked coffee is prepared and ignited tableside at a number of classic New Orleans restaurants. At Commander’s Palace, how- ever, there’s a similar off- menu libation that’s a local favorite: The Café Pierre. It gets an added kick of Kahlúa and Galliano and is fired up tableside. FA L L 2 0 1 7 OE3-Bev-eV4-e.indd 17 CHICAGO FIRE EXTINGUISHER AT ARBELLA IN CHICAGO Named after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, Arbella’s Chicago Fire Extinguisher is served in a globe-shaped bottle, similar to the bottles of saline solution thrown into fires to keep them from spreading. Made from scotch, Luxardo Amaro Abano and smoked Angostura bitters, the cocktail is mixed in the glass globe and then pumped with smoke sourced from smoldering wine barrel wood chips. SCORPION BOWL AT PACIFIC SEAS AT CLIFTON’S REPUBLIC IN LOS ANGELES Scorpion Bowl is the showboat of cocktails. It is served inside a secret tiki bar, Pacific Seas, at Clifton’s Republic, the largest public cafeteria of its kind in the world. Guests at the bar are presented with a flaming punch bowl that is set on fire with lemon extract. Next, bartenders sprinkle it with cinnamon, sending a flash into the air. • | 17 | ESCAPES 9/29/17 3:21 PM