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The unknown Greece - mini travel guides Credits Authors: Konstantine Foteinakis (NF­GR), Giorgos Toulis (NF­GR / FoE­Pieria2008) Proofreading ­ photo selection: Christiana Vlachaki (NF­GR), Natalia Lytra (NF­GR) Translation from Greek to English: Christiana Vlachaki (NF­GR) Leaflet editing: Theodore Paraskevas (NF­GR) Published in: May 2013 Friends of Nature ­ Greece, for ecology, society, culture website: nfgr.org | email: desk@nfgr.org Friends of Nature ­ Greece was founded in 2007 and is a member organization of Friends of Nature (NFI), which in turn was founded in 1895 and has 500’000 members in approximately 50member and/or partner organisations throughout the globe. NF­Greece is also an umbrella organization with member/partner organizations throughout Greece. Hearing the name of the organization one might think that our concern is only an ecological one. On the contrary, our interests and sphere of action is far more than nature itself. Although our main course of actions are on environmental and climate protection, urban environment, human rights, fair trade, social justice, degrowth, sustainability, solidarity, education are also challenges that Naturefriends­Greece focus on. Another key element of our beliefs is European and Global citizens cooperation. Our thoughts and practise can be found in the following slogans: “Think globally, act locally”, “Man and nature before profits”, “Know and protect nature”, “Environment is not only the air we breathe”. Last, but not least a slogan that emerged in Greece recently: “You are not alone – Facing the economic crisis”. Environment Friends ­ Pieria 2008 website: fp08.eu | email: fp2008@freemail.gr Environment Friends – Pieria 2008 is an NGO founded by citizens who could not bear anymore the environmental degradation of Pieria region and resist to the promotion of an outdated model of development in the region. All members of the NGO strongly believe in citizens power, consequently all should act in favor of the local community. Main goal of the organization is to promote sustainability in all human activities. Another scope is to promote Pieria region and its beauties but also to record and highlight the environmentental problems of the area. Environment Friends – Pieria 2008 are a founding memeber of Naturefriends ­Greece and consequently Naturefriends International. Young Nature Friends Greece ­ website: grynf.blogspot.com | email: grynf2012@gmail.com IYNF (International Young Nature Friends) ­ website: iynf.org | email: iynf@iynf.org Published by: Nature Friends ­ Greece | www.nfgr.org The unknown Greece ­ mini travell guides, Issue 1 Olympus ­ the mountain of Gods and Muses 10