OJCL Scrapbook 2016-2017 - Page 26

Editor Taylor McGowan

Grade: 11

School: Columbus Academy

Favorite Book: The Night Circus

Favorite Part of JCL: Being surrounded by hundreds of wonderful people who are just as passionate about the Classics as I am!

North Gubernator Owen Kranz

Grade: 11

School: St. Edward High School

Favorite Food: Mac and cheese in a waffle

Favorite Part of JCL: Meeting new people from all over the country at Nationals.

Central Gubernator Marcus Grevwal

Grade: 10

School: Columbus Academy

Favorite Music Artist: Kendrick Lamar

Favorite Part of JCL: The passionate and welcoming community which proves that Latin is by no means “dead.”

South Gubernator Hanna Zandvakili

Grade: 10

School: Indian Hill High School

Favorite Actor: Dylan O’Brien

Favorite Part of JCL: How we all come together to make each other feel welcome while sharing the love we all have for Latin.