OJCL Scrapbook 2016-2017 - Page 25

Secretary Lynn Ahrens

Grade: 11

School: Ursuline Academy

Favorite Board Game: Monopoly

Favorite Part of JCL: The bazaar, where JCLers amaze me with their amazing Classics puns and creative t-shirts.

Treasurer Grant Bruner

Grade: 10

School: Sycamore High School

Favorite Roman Emperor: Trajan

Favorite Part of JCL: The sense of community and pride that emerges inside and between schools at JCL events (and, of course, spirit!).

Parliamentarian Julia Dean

Grade: 10

School: The Summit Country Day School

Favorite Teacher: Larry Dean Lisa Mays

Favorite Part of JCL: Playing Certamen because I’m a big fan of bonus visuals.

Historian Ellie Kammerer

Grade: 10

School: McAuley High School

Favorite Flower: Dahlia

Favorite Part of JCL: The immense love that everyone shares for the Classics, and the millions of different ways we can express that love through the OJCL!