Oil & Gas Innovation OGI Winter 2018 Digital Version - Page 53

PROCESSING It Takes More Than a Good Meter to Make a Good Measurement: “ISO 10012 and the Art of Measurement.” I n oil and gas and related fields, huge numbers of measurements are being performed for a number of reasons. Safety, trade and process control are only a few of those reasons. Given the sheer number of measurements in operation today, one might assume that using measurement equipment would have evolved into a plug-and-play kind of business. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. In relation to oil and gas, one of the key parameters measured is the flow in, or the amount of product having passed through a pipe. By definition, this is a so-called non-repeatable measurement. In other words, once the product has passed the measurement point, one cannot repeat that same measurement in case something went wrong. This in contrast to weighing a (filled) container or other type of object, for instance. If the weighing device (temporarily) dysfunctions, one can retry after repair, reset or use a different weighing device. Moreover, the perfect flow meter does not exist, nor is likely to be invented any time soon. One type of meter is better for one application and another type will perform better under other circumstances or process conditions. 53