Oil & Gas Innovation OGI Winter 2018 Digital Version - Page 39

Panels, Ceiling and Flooring Solutions Although DOG does do a quite a lot of work for the commercial and navy ship sector, (€40,000,000) they also do a lot of work for oil and gas related sectors such as refineries and offshore platforms. Again, much like the doors the company offers, it’s very important that everything outfitted in these environments is up to code. DOG offers IMO/SOLAS certified wall and ceiling panels, with available fire ratings: A0, A30, A60, B0, B15, B30 & C-class. Their portfolio of offerings also includes a floating floor system, which notably easy to install with high load bearing capacity. For HSE purposes, these floors are A60 fire rated for installation on vessels and offshore platforms. Pictured: DOG’s SOLAS fire rated doors, DOG furniture outfitting. Customised Furniture for Vessel Interiors DOG is able to provide an extensive catalogue of furniture in various styles depending on the client’s needs. DOG furniture can be manufactured using a variety of core materials, including chipboard, MDF and tropical plywood, in addition to aluminum and other lightweight honeycomb systems. DOG’s exclusive furniture products are totally unique and made-to-order by the company’s dedicated in-house design team, who pay special attention to all practical and functional details during the development and engineering phases to ensure first-class results and end-user satisfaction. All their furniture is fully compliant with the latest IMO, SOLAS and MED quality standards. Accommodation Modules and Containers In today’s oil and gas industry, it’s critical that projects maintain cost and program certainty. Fortunately, for modular accommodation, clients can therefore rest assured that their assembled modular elements were constructed Trusted Partner to a precise specification whether in their factory or onsite. Utilising the latest innovations in materials, assembly and technology, DOG systems are all structurally sound, durable and comfortable. Expertly manufactured structural steelwork, everything about their systems embodies commitment to cutting-edge construction methods. DOG offers a large variety of bespoke, modular, plug-and-play accommodation units and passenger cabins for a range of environments such as cruise liners and offshore facilities, which are conveniently supplied ready to hook onto the platform or install on deck. Whether it’s their panels, ceiling and flooring solutions, their fire rated doors or their modules and containers; DOG’s experienced team of 25 specialist engineers and 175 production personnel are able to fabricate many solutions in their new build workshops with over 4600 m2. If you would to know more about the various solutions DOG has to offer, and/or would like to know more about outfitting your assets, brochures and all related documents are available on request. Please contact the Dutch Outfitting Group by: Phone: +31 (0) 15 78 10 500 Email: info@dutchoutfittinggroup.com Web: http://www.dutchoutfittinggroup.com Pictured: Accommodation modules and containers. Top Left: The inside of an accommodation module.