Oil & Gas Innovation OGI Winter 2018 Digital Version - Page 28

NEWS - EUROPE Statoil Submits Plan for Snorre Expansion Project S tatoil is today, on behalf of the Snorre Unit partners, submitting the plan for development and operation (PDO) of the Snorre Expansion Project to the authorities. At the same time, contracts worth up to NOK 9 billion will be awarded. The expected future recoverable oil resources from Yme are 10.3 million standard cubic metres (Sm3) – corresponding to 65 million barrels of oil. Projects and Drilling. Yme was a producing field from 1996 to 2001, after which the field was shut down and the facilities removed. It was no longer profitable to operate the field. A new PDO for Yme was approved in 2007. “The objective of our petroleum management policy is to ensure the The investment will increase recovery from the Snorre field by close to greatest possible value creation for society from the petroleum resources 200 million barrels. on the Norwegian shelf. The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate takes a “Snorre Expansion has been a marginal project, and Statoil has worked positive view of new initiatives from the industry that can contribute closely with partners and suppliers to realise it. We have finally arrived to increasing socio-economic value creation, including the initiative to at a good concept utilising existing infrastructure and reducing costs,” exploit the value potential in Yme,” says Tove Francke, assistant director says Margareth Øvrum, executive vice president for Technology, of Development and operations, North Sea south. “In 2017, we have benefitted from a comprehensive improvement effort by Statoil and suppliers, and we have succeeded in realising development plans for Njord, Bauge, Johan Castberg and now Snorre Expansion, leading to investments of NOK 90 billion on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) and important activity for the industry,” says Øvrum. The Snorre field is important in our effort of increasing long-term value creation and activity on the NCS. The life of Snorre A was originally expected to last until 2011–2014. Now the Snorre field is expected to produce beyond 2040. Yme was originally developed with a jack-up production facility and a storage vessel for one of the structures, Gamma. The other structure, Beta, was developed with subsea wells. Due to structural faults, this facility could not be used, and it was removed in 2016 without initiating production on the field. A total of nine wells will now be re-used and six new wells are planned. The strategy is to produce from horizontal wells with pressure support “Long-term activity and value creation on the NCS is central in our from water injection and water-alternating-gas injection. All produced strategy. Snorre Expansion is the largest improved oil recovery project water and all gas will be re-injected into the reservoir. (IOR) on the NCS, and provides valuable production and activity The existing facilities on Yme comprise a caisson, a subsea oil storage benefitting the company, partners and society. Investment costs slightly tank, pipelines and a connection between Gamma and Beta, manifold exceed NOK 19 billion, and the PDO involves a comprehensive subsea and subsea template with three slots on Beta, subsea loading system for development, upgrading of the Snorre A installation, increased gas oil from the storage tank, and wells on both Gamma and Beta. • injection and gas import for injection,” says Arne Sigve Nylund, Statoil’s executive vice president for Development and Production Norway. In addition to the PDO being submitted today, Statoil is also signing contracts for the subsea production s ѕݥѠ)Q5 ɥѥхѥѡչ)ѕݥѠMՉ͕ܰѥݽɬMɔݥѠ)ɥݥѠQɅͽɅ́ɔՉЁѼ)ɽمѡA<9ݕѡɥѥ̸+qɥѡЁ啅̰9ݕ́ٔ)ɅѕѠݥѼՔѼ)ѥѥٕ̰9ݕ́ɽͼѡ)Mɔͥɽи]ѥєѡЀɍЁѡ)ٕѵ́ݥՑ́9݅丁 ѥѥٕ)́͡Ё͡ݕٕȰЁ́٥хѡЁѡɽٕ)ݽɬѥՕ́ݥѠչѕɕѠt̃ͅaմ) ͕͕́ɽ-ɽչ̰)啅́ݥɥЁ9݅䁥ѡMɔͥ)AɽЁ͔)Mɔͥ́ѼхЁɽՍѥİݥ)ɅѕхѡѥMɔɝͅѥ)MхمȰݡ́ݥѥɑ͔)ฃ)IͽMՉѕ9܁Aȁe)H)ͽȀܰՉѕ܁A)ٕЁ=ɅѥA<ȁѡe)ѡ9ѠM5ɔЁɽȁݥٕѕѡ)ٕиQхѐ)嵔ɕ)Q́Ѽٕeͥѥѥ́ѡЁݕɔ)хѡɥѡٕЁܸAɽՍѥ)́ɽѡ͕ɥɽՍѥ)䰁7ͬ%ɕȸ%ЁݥѕѼ)Ʌѥ́e(