Oil & Gas Innovation OGI Winter 2018 Digital Version - Page 26

NEWS - EUROPE Consent for Manned Underwater Operations S tatoil, Gassco and Point Resources have received consent for manned underwater operations in 2018. Statoil has signed framework agreements with Technip Norge AS (Technip) and Subsea 7 Norway AS (Subsea 7) on the performance of manned underwater operations in 2018. Through a Pool Agreement, Point Resources and Gassco AS also wish to make use of the framework agreements. Under the framework agreement with Technip, manned underwater operations may be performed using the diving support vessels DSV Deep Arctic and LDC Technip Seahunter. The newly built DSV Deep Explorer is also planned to be used once it is completed. Under this consent, Statoil must notify the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway before the vessel is deployed. Operations under the framework agreement with Subsea 7 may be performed using the diving support vessels DSV Seven Falcon, DSV Seven Atlantic, DSV Pelican and the light diving craft LDC Seven Spray. The consent applies to planned tasks connected with the repair of corrosion damage to caissons at Oseberg. This work will be performed using LDC Seven Spray. The consent also applies to undefined operational and project activities as may be required during the period, relating to the companies’ production licences and pipeline systems. This also includes pipelines on foreign shelves that are under Norwegian jurisdiction. The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway shall be informed in advance should such a need arise. Notice of Order After Fatal Accident on Maersk Interceptor T he PSA’s investigation of the fatal accident of 7 December 2017 on Maersk Interceptor has identified serious shortcomings in systems and processes for materials handling. Maersk Drilling Norge has accordingly been given notice of an order. This serious accident on the unit occurred during the installation of a new seawater pump. One person fell into the sea and was killed, while another suffered serious injuries. The companies’ framework agreements also comprise emergency repair response for underwater installations and pipelines. The PSA is to be informed in advance if such emergency situations arise that require manned underwater operations. Maersk Interceptor is currently engaged in well work on the Tambar field in the North Sea, where Aker BP is the operator. Point Resources has signed a separate agreement with Subsea 7 for underwater activities at Balder, Jotun and Ringhorne, and has applied for consent for these. The diving support vessel DSV Seven Atlantic will be used for these activities. Based on its preliminary investigation, the PSA has identified serious shortcomings in systems and processes for materials handling. We have now granted the companies consent for manned underwater operations in conformity with the applications. • Pursuant to section 69 of the framework regulations on administrative decisions, see sections 6 and 21 of the management regulations on management of health, safety and the environment and on follow-up respectively, sections 13 and 69 of the facilities regulations on materials handling and on lifting appliances and lifting gear respectively, and sections 92 and 33 of the X]]Y\Y[][ۜۈY[\][ۜ[ۈܙ[\][ۈوܚ\X][KXY\[[ܙHT\][H[ܙ\\\و][\Y][ۈوH[Y[ HH\ۈ\B[]HKLLX[X\ M˂XY\[[ܙHT\\YܙHY[][XHوB[ܙ\K]Y]\[\܈]\[\HوܝXHY[\]Z\Y[ۈ[X[]Y\[\HۈHܝYX[۝[[[[[Y[š[\[۝ Z[[و\ۛ[\[X\]Z\Y[[[ٙ\[^\Y[H]\[X\]Z\Y[ \[X]X[HY[YH[]Y][\][ۜ[]YBX]\X[[[\܈H[[][ۈوX]]\[\ۈ[X[]Y\[\HۈHܝYX[۝[[[[Y[YH\[[\[Y[X\\HYX\\\˂HXY[H܈\X[H]\ܙ\\] XX\H N XY\[[ܙHT\\]Y\Y\[H[܈\Z[]Hܙ\]\[ LH[X\H N ^[][ۈوH\\8'ܙ\'H[8'XHوܙ\'B[ܙ\\[YZ[\]]HX\[ۈXYH\X[HY[][ۜ˂YܙHHH\Y\[ܙ\][\[H[H8'XHوܙ\'HHYXY\[Y\˂HXHوܙ\\Z]\[[[Y[܈HXHو[[ۜ]H\[Hx&\YZ[\]]H\[X]\]Y\B\H\\HXX[\\ˈHXH\ۛHH\\YܙH[YZ[\]]HX\[ۈ\XYK[ܙ\\HۙH][]H[[Y[X\Y[H[[›ۈHX\Y[ 8(