Oil & Gas Innovation OGI Winter 2018 Digital Version - Page 18

FOCUS: TRAINING A First of Its Kind in Scotland Oil and Gas Innovation sits down with Colin McMurray, Clyde Training Solutions Director, to get some in depth knowledge about how companies can better prepare their staff for unforeseen emergencies in many potential scenarios that can arise in the offshore, oil and gas industries. Mr McMurray also helps us understand why location is key with respect to their training centre near the North Sea. OGI: Could you start by explaining Clyde Training Solutions’ credentials and experience in terms of your products and services for the Oil and Gas sector? Could you tell our readers the breadth of your experience, how long the company has been active, and its reach? McMurray: Clyde Training Solutions is a unique centre of excellence dedicated to the delivery of offshore and maritime safety training courses. We are proud to say it is the first of its kind in Scotland combining both sectors in one training location as well as providing maritime technical courses, and the first offshore training centre out with the Grampian area. The establishment of Clyde Training Solutions was based on the success of Clyde Marine Training’s Short Courses division, predominantly focused on STCW. The growth of delegates and courses over the 10 years from 2006-2016 lead us to take the decision to create a purpose-built training centre in Glasgow. We realised a successful centre would take more than infrastructure, so we recruited an experienced team to manage the centre. General manager Gareth Mathias has 20 years’ experience in both the maritime and offshore sectors, latterly serving as OIM with Dolphin Drilling, and Training Centre Manager Kris McDonald has managed several training centres around the world. In its first full year of operation to Oct 2017, CTS welcomed over 6,000 delegates through our doors from over 25 countries worldwide, as well as many within the central belt of Scotland who had previously never enjoyed facilities like this on their doorstep. OGI: What types of solutions do you specifically offer the oil and gas / offshore industry? McMurray: The main benefit we offer the offshore industry in Scotland is a centrally based training centre that offers the highest quality training but at the same time provides a more cost-effective option for the tens of thousands of offshore workers who live within a 100-mile radius. There has always been a tendency to look north for all offshore support services, due to the natural convergence of companies in the Aberdeen area, but in what has been recognised as a new “lower forever” oil price environment, we knew the creation of CTS in its Glasgow location would have many cost-saving benefits for organisations, most obviously accommodation.. We recognised that many offshore workers do not live in the north east of Scotland where other offshore survival training centres are located. We could see that having world-class facilities on their doorstep would be a boost for them, enabling them to undertake their training and obtain their qualifications on day courses without the need for travel and overnight stays. Whilst H[X\H][™X܈[[\›][ۋH\HZ[œXۚ\Y\HXY[]X[]BݚY\]ܙX]X[]Y\˜[[Xܜ˸'BNݙ\H\HوB\\HوYX\\H\˜Y[YHYX[X\XY[š[]\K\X[\HHRˈ[[H[X][™[Y]\XX[H][وH[X\[Y\[O“X]\^N]\HXۚ\Y\وH؈]ܚ\[H\]Z\Y\B[X\][ܚ]X[H[YH^HX[Bو\\HZ[܈\[\YܙH]\][][Y]\\HZ[YX[][H[Y\[H]X][ۜ][\\KHZ[[ٙ\Y]YBN