Oil & Gas Innovation OGI Winter 2018 Digital Version - Page 17

Crane training simulation. get prepared for working in tough weather conditions as high sea state and poor visibility. How do they learn to react on human errors to avoid catastrophes? As we can see, good simulation tools are an access to situations, which all of us hopefully never experience in real life. But it will give you a better feeling, if you have already managed these situations in a virtual environment. OGI: Would it be possible for a client to consult with Rheinmetall to help create a tailored simulation solution for their specific needs? And if so could you elaborate a bit on how that process works? Rheinmetall: Rheinmetall is specialized on custom-made simulation and training solutions. Hence, we are well prepared for such cases and happy to help our clients with our knowledge and experience. Usually our clients have an idea or a dream in their mind, when they come to us. We see us as a partner for our clients to realize their ideas and dreams. The more individual the ideas are, the more we like it. In general there are two major aspects when we start a new project with a customer: communication and technical data. Based on our experience, good communication is essential for custom- made projects. The customer should like it the product or the solutions in the end. This is what it is all about. Therefore it is really valuable to exchange expectations, visions and opinions over the whole project lifetime cycle. Technical data are another issue, which is crucial for every simulation-based training solution. A good simulation needs good technical data. Otherwise you cannot create a virtual mirror of processes in real life. OGI: With regards to marine and offshore operations, one factor of primary importance is safety. Can you explain how your systems help clients improve safety in their operations? Rheinmetall: Offshore is one of the fields, “Rheinmetall offers various custom-made training solutions: E-Learning and virtual reality applications, dynamic simulation models, operator training simulators, training concepts and turn-key training centres.” where simulation-based training is well- established. Rheinmetall has a background of around 40 years in the maritime and offshore industry. Our various simulation-based training applications can be used for nearly all tasks on ships, supply vessels, offshore oil rigs and more. Due to our custom-made training simulators the trainees can train on their virtual ships and platforms. OGI: Finally, could you enlighten our readers of a particular case study where you helped a client with your solutions? Rheinmetall: The national oil company of Mexico PEMEX was seeking for options for improving safety in their production facilities and the reduction of production downtime. PEMEX identified raising the basic knowledge and process training of its upstream production staff as key to achieving this goal. In the past, PEMEX tried to achieve this with investments in single simulator facilities and encountered problems in keeping this technology updated and instructors qualified. The “Centro de Adiestramiento en Procesos de Producción” (CAPP or Training Centre for Production Processes) will enable PEMEX to prepare its employees for highly demanding tasks on the company’s offshore oil platforms. Safety, process optimization and increased efficiency are at the heart of the wide-ranging, high-quality package of measures that PEMEX is currently implementing, drawing on Rheinmetall’s comprehensive expertise in the world of advanced simulation solutions. Besides state-of-the-art simulators for oil and gas production and processing, the CAPP will feature full-mission simulators for various cranes and scale models of on-board oil production equipment for operator training, together with laboratories, classrooms and e-learning facilities. Starting in 2019, up to three thousand trainees will undergo training at the CAPP every year. OGI: Thank you for your time. • If you would like to know more about how Rheinmetall Electronics can help your company and its operations, please get in contact with them by contacting: Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH Marius Wansleben Phone: +49 (0) 421 1080-4853 Mail: marius.wansleben@rheinmetall.com “..we created a training facility for 3,000 trainees per year for all different applications on an offshore oil rig.” http://www.rheinmetall-simulation.com/