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MoClean®-ATS system. OTS has been able to take a 30-man operation and reduced it down to 6 people. Another view on Oreco MoClean® - ATS Automated no-man entry tank cleaning system in operation. The MoClean®-ATS system cleans the tank via cleaning nozzles operating the tank interiors using low-pressure, high flows of recirculated media or wash water. They are installed in the tank via existing openings or especially cold-tapped holes. At the bottom of the tank, a suitable suction point is created from where the sludge can be pumped out. Due to the nature of the sludge (oil, water, and solids) inside the tank, it will be necessary to reliquify the sludge to pump it out of the tank. With the use of Oreco’s special nozzles and the injection of a suitable media into the sludge, the sludge will dissolve and reliquefy and can therefore be pumped out of the tank. In the MoClean®- ATS, the solids and water will be retained and the oil pumped back to a tank of the tank owner’s choice. In the past, oil tank owners may have chosen to simply dispose of the sludge in a landfill suitable for sludge disposal, where they simply diverted a disposal problem – they wouldn’t solve it. Using the MoClean®-ATS means that about 95% of the hydrocarbons in the sludge can be recovered as oil. “ Quality, safety and environmental protection are key elements in the development and production of Oreco´s tank cleaning systems. “ Using our system, the tank owner will encounter reduced disposal costs and will generate income from the recovered oil. The MoClean®-ATS is addressing the need from the tank cleaning companies to have a versatile, highly effective, and reliable technology usable for many different tank cleaning operations. At the same time, it also meets the needs of the tank owners, wanting their tanks cleaned fast in a predictable way using a technology living up to the highest safety standards in the industry. Diverting waste from landfill is not the only challenge the system has tackled. Tanks from the Canadian oil sands sector are very difficult to clean. The oil produced in Canada is heavy oil and contains very large amounts of asphaltenes and BS&W (Bottom Solid & Water). Often described as a very sticky, heavy product. Therefore, since introducing this technology to Canada, the MoClean®- ATS system has allowed OTS to reduce work related personnel risk by up to 90% in terms of injuries and exposure to hazardous waste resulting in several successful tank cleanings without any health and safety incidents. Since the supply of the first MoClean®-ATS system, Oreco has already supplied system number two and we’re working on supplying system number three as well. All systems are bespoke in design and do comply to the special design standards existing under Canadian law. Due to the success in Canada more systems are being built and supplied to the region to cope with the increasing demands for automated tank cleaning. OGI: Thank you for your time. • If you would like to know more about Oreco A/S’s unique no-man entry tank cleaning system, or have any questions about any of their solutions, please get in contact with them by contacting: Oreco A/S Phone: +45 4332 0200 Mail: info@oreco.com Another view on Oreco MoClean® - ATS Automated no-man entry tank cleaning system in operation http://www.oreco.com 11