Oil & Gas Innovation OGI Winter 2018 Digital Version - Page 10

It remains one of the strongest trademarks of Oreco, to have already supplied systems tailored both to client needs, but also complying with different legislation throughout the world. Oreco MoClean® - ATS Automated no-man entry tank cleaning system in operation. Examples of applied design features to maximize operational safety using Oreco´s tank cleaning systems are: • The electrical cabinets match the design of the individual process modules and their Ex-Zone classification. • Oreco’s single nozzle sweeper (SNS) (spray nozzle) has been designed and approved to operate in Ex-Zones 0 and 1. Furthermore, it is hydraulically driven, PLC remotely controlled and fully programmable. • All tank cleaning systems are built with an emergency shutdown (ESD) function for safe and secure shutdown of the entire tank cleaning system. Oxygen (O2), hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and lower explosive limit (LEL) levels are measured in an integrated part of the ESD system. If potential critical situations occur, the ESD function is activated. • All tank cleaning systems comprise of control and communication technologies with excellent usability and multiple options for monitoring and documentation of safety parameters. • All tank cleaning systems comprise of electrical grounding systems designed and suited for operations in hazardous Ex-Zones. This ensures static earthing, bonding and shut-off if the system is disconnected. maintaining the best possible safety when the system is in operatio [[H\H\وH[]\HوH[˜X[[\[\H\]܈Y[XZ]BܛYZ[[[HܜX\HوB\[H][[\\\ۈܜX\[BXZ[[[K\\\[[\ܝ[\وN[[K[[H[Y[\XY\›وH\X[\\HYH\H[H[YBY[][\][ۜ’[[[H[YX[\[Hܚ[ۂ[][ۜ HYYYH][˜X[[\[HX[[܈H[YX[[[\H^H\YܙXZ[BXۚ\YX\]XY\و]]X]Y[˜X[[\[\˂H[X[[\[HݚYYHܙXœYۚYX[HYXY[HY]H[]Y\Z[ۈHH\[H[Z\[X[[›\][ۋXܜ\ۙY[ܙH[ \\^Hوۙ[YXH[K][\[YH؝\[X[[\[B][X[[[[ۜ\[ YK[YX]HX[\YܙH\YH]]X]Y[˜X[[\][ۋ[^HY^\Y[Y][\H[[YH\HX[X[HX[Y[]\HX[YHܙ]و۝X܂\ۛ[ Y][ۘ[KH[X[[[[H\[  [B[\[HܘYH[ ܈Y[[[˜X[]X[X[K\[[Hݙ[X][]\[ۜZ[\Y[[[\ۛY[X\]Z\YX][˜\\]\\ˈ\ۛ[\HXH[ۙ\[و[YH[H[X]\Hو]š^\\[\ۛY[ \H\HY][و^\H[[X[X[\B[ۙ\[Hܙ]X[[H[˂\XH\[\\H\\H›Z[[Z\H]\ˈ[H^H[]HYB\[\\وۙ[YX\[^\BH[\\[\ۛY[ ^H]HY[XH[[Z[]H[ܙH[L Hو[\\™[H[H[]ܙX[\]܈]ܚ]ܙX[X[PU]]X]Y[X[[H[X[[œ\[