Oil & Gas Innovation OGI Autumn 2017 Digital Version - Page 6

CONTENTS MIDSTREAM & PIPELINES Major Projects, Major Experience 34 46 ShibataFenderTeam is one of the leading international fender manufacturers with 50+ years of group experience and an extensive global network with local support. Mampaey Offshore Industries was founded in 1904 and is since then specialized in towing, berthing and mooring systems and focuses of the safety and efficiency of the port, maritime & offshore industry. In Depth: Control Seal Valves Grow in Size and Sophistication Every Year 36 The demand for large scale double block and bleed plug valves goes hand in hand with the current steep development in the aviation industry in the Middle East. The new airport projects are competing in size and quality of everything, including fueling systems. In High Pressure Situations, It Pays to Be FLEXIBLE 42 39 SoluForce is the originator and technological leader in the research, development, manufacture, supply and installation of Flexible Composite Pipes (also known as Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes). PROCESSING Next-Generation Ultrasonic Technology Enabling Continuous Monitoring in Extreme Environments 42 Downstream refining oper F'2f6R&vRb7&F6GW7G'6VvW2FRvVVBbFV"W76WG2FRRBFW&R2G&fRf"fW&ƗGvFV6֖2&W77W&W2F7FFrF@&VfW'2&6W72vW"&6VB7'VFR2BV'&6RFRw&vpf&ƗGbƖvBFvB2U$Db$ET5DFR6WFFW"Vf&VFF&rVVG0&fW'G&6RƖ֗FVB24VƗG77W&VB6@&WBVFW"vFfW"3V'>( WW&V6Rb֖vFW F&r`C`C