Oil & Gas Innovation OGI Autumn 2017 Digital Version - Page 5

Granzow A/S has for decades supplied compressed air for drilling rigs and ships where security, economy and stability is a priority. Bursting Panels for the protection of Instrument Air Compressor & Dryer Package personnel and equipment by dust ex- for the Offshore Industry in accordance with plosions. The panels are manufactured both Atex regulations, Zone II and Zone I individual applications. Pressure from 0.017 bar to 0.35 bar. All materials and certificates. Air-operated diaphragm pumps, wide range of materials permits rating of the pumps to meet individual requirements and matching to the media which must be conveyed. High efficiency, and suitable for many ATEX requirements for use in potentially explosive and hazardous applications. Who are we? Granzow A/S is a leading supplier for the industry of screw compressors. We also produce a complete range of solutions in automation products, such as bursting discs and panels,valves and pneumatic cylinders. Additional Granzow has an extensive program of pumps and a complete line of vacuum pumps. Ejby Industrivej 26 · 2600 Glostrup · T:     • Helge Nielsens Allé 6C · 8723 Løsning info@granzow.dk • www.granzow.dk • www.trykluft .nu