Oil & Gas Innovation OGI Autumn 2017 Digital Version - Page 49

• Consultancy & technical reporting • Design • Manufacture • Global coverage Pipeshield supply specialist equipment including - • • • • Lifting Frames & Beams Speedloaders Wet Deployment/Storage* Quick Release Systems *can be used for decommissioning Introducing the SUPER-MAT (patent applied) A high-payload sacrificial concrete mattress, designed for multiple deployment of mattresses SLEEPERS DROP BAGS PRP ROCK UNITS Anti-Scour, Pipeline and Cable Protection & Stabilisation In an offshore environment there is always the possibility of unseen damage occurring to subsea installations through trawl board strike, as well as accidental dropping from platforms or vessels. We design and manufacture a range of protective products, which are tailored to site-specific conditions: • Concrete mattresses & sleepers • Concrete protective structures • Anti-scour mattresses (Bionic Seaweed & Fronded Concrete Mattresses) • Geotextile mattresses and rubber topped solutions • Grout & sand bags • Fabric formworks • Clump weights & turning bollards • Precise Rock Placements Units (PRP’s) & Rock Mattresses Call +44 (0)1502 560900 www.pipeshield.com Oil & Gas Innovation Advert.indd 1 18/07/17 17:06:13