Oil & Gas Innovation OGI Autumn 2017 Digital Version - Page 36

MIDSTREAM & PIPELINES In Depth: Control Seal Valves Grow in Size and Sophistication Every Year “Recently, we have received a purchase order which will break the record and become the biggest valve of its type in the world. We do not expect any difficulties during production of this valve due to our experience building over 100 valves sized at 36 inches and 42 inches reduced bore. We believe in our ability to produce unlimited sizes. The previously mentioned 42 inch full bore valves will be installed in crude oil transfer station in South Africa.” Points out the Chief Operating Officer about the recent achievements in Control Seal, valve manufacturer located in the Netherlands. T he demand for large scale double block and bleed plug valves goes hand in hand with the current steep development in the aviation industry in the Middle East. The new airport projects are competing in size and quality of everything, including fueling systems. “Demand for high integrity fueling system brought us several projects such as 36” valves for the Abu Dhabi airport, Riyadh airport in Saudi Arabia or Muscat airport in Oman,” explains the sales executive responsible for airport applications within the Control Seal sales team. Control Seal valves have great advantage, especially with the larger scale Double Block and Bleed plug valves that arise from its original helix shape rotating mechanism inside the valve. This innovation was successfully implemented by Control Seal engineers 15 years ago and has been proven in many pipeline systems all over the world. In Double Block and Bleed plug valves the special rotating mechanism leads into smaller footprint of the valve which requires minimum to no maintenance as the rotating mechanism is inside the valve body and is self-lubricated by the medium. The special helix shape rotating mechanism was also applied with the Control Seal Rising Stem Ball Valve, metal-to-metal seated on /off valve for demanding conditions widely used in molecular sieve systems as a frequent switching valve. More than 15 years ago this innovation was introduced as “A new twist on the old design”. Control Seal is proud to evaluate this innovation as a great success with added value to the valve industry that brought less maintenance and longer lifetime without spare parts need and lower emissions due to linear stem movement and the option of below seal in Rising Stem Ball Valve. Control Seal Senior Service Engineer and QC inspector: “Well, the first years were challenging as the molecular sieve application requires a lot of experience, but after continuous development based on field feedback, I have full confidence in our design handling the most difficult conditions in molecular sieves and other demanding applications. Recently I have inspected valves after 10 to 15 years of frequent switching operation of molecular sieve system in LNG Snøhvit in Norway, Woodside LNG plant in Australia or the WAFA project in Libya and was surprised by the excellent condition of all the internals.” It is worth mentioning that failure of frequent switching valve in molecular sieve system could Ѽ)͡ёݸձȁͥٔɅ)ԁUḾȁ䁽͕)ͥ ͥɥمٔɽՍ)ݡ͔ͥ݅́ɽٕɕѥ)́٥хх ɽḾɽՐ)ѼѡݼɽՍ́ѡЁ)ݥѠѡ́ɕեɕи)%İ ɽMѼɽٔ)ͥ᥅܁ ɽYٔɽՍ) ɽMɽԤͥ)ɥݥѠɕ͔ɥ͡)́ѡѽݡ݅́х͡)ɕ䁥ܸ她Ʌ)ʹ ɽMɽ՝)ѡȃq܁ݥЁٕѥ)ͥtѼɅ͙ȁѡٕЁ)ѡѕѼɥ齹хٕЁѡ)ɕɔѽ ɕѼѡ)ٕѥͥѡ́مѥɥ́)ѥѼ͔хɐՅѕȁɸՅѽ̸+q% ɽMݔЁѥѼ݅)́ѡ́ɕٕȳt́ͅѡAɕͥЁѡ)ɥمѕ䁽ݹݡѥ)ɽՍѥѡȁٕ݅ѕȁA՜)YٔѡЁɕЁѥѼѡ)ɽՍѥɅq]ɔȁѼɽٔ)ͥɕѡɕɐѡͥ锁ѡ)مٔȁٕȁمٕ̰ѡ)Ё́ȁͥɕ̻t) ɽMX)P耬Ā؀Ȁ)聥ɽ͕)\聡輽ܹɽ͕+q ͥɥمٔɽՍȁݡ͔ͥ݅́ɽٕɕѥ́́٥ххt