Oil & Gas Innovation OGI Autumn 2017 Digital Version - Page 34

MIDSTREAM & PIPELINES Major Projects, Major Experience. Why It’s Important for You to Have the Right Partners ShibataFenderTeam Group ShibataFenderTeam is one of the leading international fender manufacturers with 50+ years of group experience and an extensive global network with local support. As a specialist for customized fender solutions, they focus on vertical integration with in-house manufacturing and full scale testing, offering high quality products at competitive prices. SFT offers the full range of marine fender products, from simple rubber profiles up to highly engineered systems as well as accessories and fixings. Mampaey Offshore Industries Mampaey Offshore Industries was founded in 1904 and is since then specialized in towing, berthing and mooring systems and focuses of the safety and efficiency of the port, maritime & offshore industry. They provide state-of-the-art equipment and integrated information systems. The developments have contributed to their continuously expanding global customer base. All their products are designed and manufactured to safely withstand the toughest mechanical and environmental conditions. Safety at the Terminals Expertise and Experience Oil, Gas and LNG Terminals have one thing in common, the highest safety levels in the industry, since just the smallest incident could results in major and sometimes fatal accident. Facing an incident like that, it is vital that operations can be stopped immediately under controlled and save conditions, and vessels can be unmoored quickly. To facilitate that, the industry has set up several guidelines and precautions to prevent such situations, to be prepared for emergency operations. Both, Mampaey Offshore Industries and ShibataFenderTeam are well aware of these guidelines and they are strictly implemented and followed. The market approach and expertise of ShibataFenderTeam and Mampaey Offshore Industries have positioned them as experts in their fields, with an impressive range of global references. LNG Terminal in Yamal, Russia. Mampaey Offshore Industries has the know- how and experience to provide all the mooring equipment needed for safe operations of oil or gas terminals. Their products like Quick Release Mooring Hooks and other systems expedite the unmooring of a vessel in critical situations and therefore reduces the magnitude of a potential incidence substantially. For ShibataFenderTeam, safety is also one of the most important considerations when designing high performance fender systems. Based on their extensive range of marine fenders, various types starting from complex fender systems with steel panels to highly customized Foam Filled Fenders have proven to be suitable solutions for Oil, Gas and LNG Terminals. In order to get a better understanding of the design and magnitude of the delivered equipment, we have taken a closer look at some of the global references of SFT and Mampaey Offshore Industries. • In 2008, 4 sets of Parallel Motion Fenders have been delivered by SFT to the Petronas Mega Methanol in Labuan, Malaysia. Each PM Fender is equipped with 2 SPC 1300 Fenders and closed box steel panels sizing 5,000 x 3,000 mm, which were built in Germany. The fender systems together with the delivered Quick Release Mooring Hooks perform to the full satisfaction of the customer, without any down- time or major maintenance for nearly 10 years now. • In 2015, SFT delivered 4 sets of Ocean Guard Fenders (OD 3660 x L 7320 mm) to the new LNG Terminal in Aqaba, Jordan. The fenders are designed to withstand the constant loads of a permanently moored Floating Storage and Regasification Unit, specifically for the FSRU “Golar Eskimo” which arrived at the terminal in May 2015 and is processing repressured natural gas for Jordan´s power stations.