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AFRICA Transneft and Algerian Sonatrach sign Memorandum of Cooperation S ergey Ermish, General Manager, Transneft Diascan, participated in the signing ceremony of the Memorandum on Cooperation between Transneft and Sonatrach National Company for exploration, production, transportation, refining and sales of hydrocarbons (Algeria). The document was signed by Mikhail Margelov, Transneft Vice President, and Abdelmumen Uld Kaddur, Sonatrach CEO, as part of the visit of Russian Premier Dmitry Medvedev to Algeria. Transneft and Sonatrach intend to cooperate in such fields as non- destructive screening and improvement of safety of the pipeline infrastructure operation. Transneft Diascan, Russia’s major provider of technical diagnosis services for oil pipelines, petroleum product trunk pipelines and tanks, will play the principal part in promoting the cooperation. CH2M Wins Major Marine Engineering Support Contract on BP Project Developing Offshore Gas Fields in Senegal and Mauritania C H2M has been awarded a new marine engineering support contract on BP’s innovative Tortue development offshore Mauritania and Senegal. The new energy development project involves subsea gas production, a floating gas treatment facility, a pipeline with domestic gas connection points and a nearshore hub facility where the gas is converted into liquefied natural gas (LNG). The hub facility provides breakwater-protected berths for a floating LNG production unit and for international export of LNG by ship. CH2M’s preliminary front end engineering design (Pre-FEED) deliverables support final decision-making on the hub location, layout, and the form and method of construction of the inshore hub and support to marine operations and project execution planning. BP named KBR as an Engineering Services Contractor for the Tortue development, and KBR selected CH2M as the BP-approved civil and marine engineering support provider. According to Dr Colin Skipper, CH2M Vice President and Practice Director, “CH2M has a strong civil and marine works portfolio for global energy producers, and we are pleased to perform a critical role working with KBR on this technically challenging project for BP. Delivering this project requires deep technical experience and innovative thinking--qualities on which our reputation has been built.” With a longstanding oil and gas industry service record, CH2M has worked for major energy producers on many projects around the world for over 30 years. Civil and marine engineering support for the Tortue are being delivered in the UK by CH2M’s international terminal, pipeline and infrastructure engineering team. CH2M leads the professional services industry delivering sustainable solutions benefiting societal, environmental and economic outcomes with the development of infrastructure and industry. In this way, CH2Mers make a positive difference providing consulting, design, engineering and management services for clients in water; environment and nuclear; transportation; energy and industrial markets, from iconic infrastructure to global programmes like the Olympic Games. Ranked among the World’s Most Ethical Companies and top firms in environmental consulting and programme management, CH2M in 2016 became the first professional services firm honored with the World Environment Center Gold Medal Award for efforts advancing sustainable development. • 32 The cooperation negotiations were conducted between Transneft, Transneft Diascan and Sonatrach were held in 2016/2017. In particular, in January 2017, top management of the Algerian company visited Transneft Diascan. Ait Messaoud Abdelmalik, Head of the General Manager’s Administration, Arbi-bei Slimane, Deputy General Manager, Aoulkhadzhi Abdelkader, Director, Pipeline Integrity Department, and Bouga Noureddine, Director, Prospecting Department, at Sonatrach visited the Company. Production and technological capacities of the Company were shown to the guests. Representatives of the Algerian ) 䁡䁅ɕѕѡѥեЁQɅ͹)͍䁹ѥѡٕͥ䁽ѡЁѥѥ́)ѡձɽՍѥ危ɽͥ٥́Ѽՙɔ)ȁ͕䁅Չ͕ՕЁɕ́ѡեи)ɥAɽմMՉ́IՕ́ȁɉɅѥ)ȁ1 ́āЁѡ))ɥAɽմ٥͕́ѡЁ́ݡ䁽ݹՉͥɥ́ɥ)Aɽմ1ѕA 0Xٔ)IՕ́ȁɉɅѥqItյ́ݥѠѡ%ѕɹѥ) ɔȁѡMѱЁ%ٕѵЁѕ̀q% M%tɑȁѼ)ɽѕЁ́ѕɕ́ѡāЁ́Qѡ)ѡ͔Íٔɕѕɕѕ͔յ́% M%)ՔѼѥ䁍ͥɅѥ́ɍ͕ͥѥ٥ѥ)ͽѕݥѠѡɉɅѥɽ̰ѡ 䁥ѕ́Ѽ)ɽ٥ѕɥѕ́Ѽ͡ɕ́́ݡɽɥє) ѥѡє <)́Aͅ胊q́ݔ͕ٔͥ)յɽ̰́ͥɉɅѥ́х䁹Ёȁɕɕɽє)ݕٕȰݔٔɉɅѥ́ͅѼɽѕЁȁѕɕ́)ѡ͔́ݡݔٔͥЁٕѵЁٕȁѡ)啅̸єѡɵЁѡ́ɽ̰ݔɕѕɅє)ѡЁݔɕݡ䁽ѼՍѥٔՔݥѠ)ѡѡɥѥ́ݥѠ٥܁Ѽх͡ͅѥ͙ѽ)ͽѥѡЁ́ѡѕɕЁѥ̸)=ȁͅѼȁ͡ɕ́Ёѡ́ѥ́ѡЁݔձ䁅ɕє)ѡɹ́Օɥ́ѡ䁵Ёٔɽչѡ́ɽ́ݔ)չхѡЁѡݥȁɕձȁѕ́ѕɵ́ѥ)ͥэ̸]ɔ쁡ݕٕȰ䁅ɍ)ɅݡЁݔ͍͔ѡɕɔɕՕЁѡȁѥ)́ݔݽɬѡɽ՝ѡ͕́ͥѥٔեɽ̸%Ё)ͼхЁѼ͔ͥѡЁݔݽձЁɭѡ)ɽ̰ȁݽձЁٔɵɕѕɕݥѠ% M%ݔ)ЁѡЁݔمѕѡչ͕ݔ)ٔɕٕѡѕȁѼєt