Ohio Farm Bureau Landowner Toolkit - Page 4

Ohio Farm Bureau’s $2,500 REWARD Property Protection Program $2,500 signs and decals are available through your county Farm Bureau. Visit ofbf.org/counties to find your local office. The Farm Bureau Property Protection Service helps deter crime in our communities and on members’ premises by rewarding people for being watchful and concerned enough to help apprehend criminals. James Secrest was presented with a $2,500 reward check for information he provided to the Muskingum County Sheriff ’s office, which led to the arrest of an individual convicted of receiving stolen property in the theft of a tractor taken from Muskingum County Farm Bureau member Charles Fineran. Franklin County Farm Bureau member Seth Pymer leases a parking lot to a local university for student parking. Many of the cars were being broken into until Pymer posted Ohio Farm Bureau’s $2,500 Reward signs. “The break-ins decreased dramatically,” Pymer said. “The signs made a big difference to that property.” Learn more at GrowWithFB.org. RULES FOR THE REWARD PROGRAM 1. The $2,500 reward will be paid to anyone giving information that leads to the arrest and conviction for arson, malicious injury to property, burglary or other felonies committed on the member’s property. The reward will also be paid for information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons stealing a car, truck, tractor or self propelled equipment, even though not on the member’s premises. 2. The effective date of the program is each calendar year for which Farm Bureau dues have Posting requirements for eligibility been paid. If dues are not paid and membership in effect at the time of the crime, the program is void. 3. At least one sign or sticker must be displayed prominently on a member’s property or vehicle at the time of the offense to qualify for the service. 4. If a person is convicted of several crimes, only one reward will be paid. 5. The person, or persons, who owns the property and his, or their immed