Ohio Farm Bureau Landowner Toolkit - Page 15

All Purpose Vehicles Ohio’s Agricultural Districts and Agricultural Security Areas Ohio law holds an important protection for agricultural land called agricultural districts. In addition to the benefits that individual landowners accrue, this process also serves as an important farmland preservation tool for the state. Enrolling in an Agricultural District Landowners can enroll their any municipality, the auditor will review and approve the application.243 land in an agricultural district through application to their county auditor.241 Agricultural district applications require no fee. In order to qualify land as an agricultural district, the owner must show the land is at least 10 acres or had an average gross income of at least $2,500 for each of the last three years, or the land is enrolled in a federal conservation or land retirement program.242 While the requirements for an agricultural district are the same as those for the current agricultural use valuation program, they are separate programs that land has to be individually enrolled in. After application, if land is located outside of within a municipality or an annexation petition has previously been filed regarding the property, the legislative body of the municipality must also approve the agricultural district enrollment.244 The municipality must accept, modify or reject the application within 30 days. If the municipality chooses to modify or reject the application, it must demonstrate a substantial adverse effect on the provision of municipal services, the efficient use of land, orderly growth and development, 241 242 243 244 ORC 929.02(A) ORC 929.02(A) Agricultural Districts in Municipalities If the land is located 47 ORC 929.02(A)(2) ORC 929.02(B)