Ohio Farm Bureau Landowner Toolkit - Page 14

All Purpose Vehicles All purpose vehicles have become a great tool for today’s farmers. Unfortunately, the same vehicles providing a service to farmers, create problems when used to trespass on farmland. ATVs and other all purpose vehicles (APVs) are any vehicle “designed for cross-country travel on land and water, or on more than one type of terrain, and steered by wheels or caterpillar treads… including vehicles that operate on a cushion of air, and those commonly known as all-terrain vehicles, all-season vehicles, mini-bikes and trail bikes.”221 However, the definition of “all purpose vehicle” does not include golf carts or utility vehicles, such as a gator, mule or other vehicle with a bed designed and used to transport cargo.222 Registration and Exceptions APV owners who primarily use their vehicle on their farm, where the owner qualifies for Current Agricultural Use Valuation (CAUV), are not required to register their APV for use on the farm or between 221 222 ORC 4519.01(B) ORC 4519.01(B), ORC 4501.01(VV) farms.223 Any other non-farm APVs are required to be registered with the state.224 There is no longer a simple exception from registration for an APV that is operated exclusively on land owned by the owner of the APV or land to which the APV owner has a contractual right. Such an exception to registration remains in place for snowmobile and off-highway motorcycle owners operating only on their own land.225 Farm use APVs may also be legally operated without registration on a public road, or road right-of-way to travel from one farm field to another so long as the local jurisdiction allows for it and/or the terrain of the right of way safely permits APV travel.226 223 224 225 226 44 ORC 4519.02(B)(2), (3) ORC 4519.02 ORC 4519.02(B)(1) ORC 4519.02(B)(2), (3)