O'Fallon Weekly May 9, 2018

Lebanon welcomes spring with annual May Market Page 5 Shiloh resident proposes pocket park to trustees Wednesday May 9, 2018 Vol. 4, No. 3 $1.00 Council votes in favor of parking lot over objections Names pavilion "O'Fallon Station" following lengthy debate By Martha Stoffel Weekly Reporter Greg Peterson points to some currently vacant lots along Fox Glenn Drive in Hunter’s Crossing Subdivision as a possible park location. (O'Fallon Weekly Photo by Angela Simmons) By Angela Simmons Weekly Reporter SHILOH - Resident Greg Peterson came to the Shiloh Board to help preserve green space and create a park in the Hunter’s Crossing Subdivision. He’s hoping the board will step in and help create a pocket park in the subdivision, especially after recent language in the update to Shiloh’s Comprehensive Plan. “The subdivision is mostly filled up with homes right now. There’s just a handful of vacant lots left, and they’ve got prices on them from like $27,000 to $30,000. In the subdivision, you wouldn’t believe the number of walkers they have, the number of children they have. Every five minutes, it seems like someone is walking by, pushing a stroller, maybe a stroller with two babies in it. It’s on the end of the street, and they’re just always walking,” he said. Peterson proposed the Village purchase a couple of the lots to turn into a small park. He said his idea is something simple with a playground for small children, possibly exercise stations for walk- ers, and a path. “I would be thrilled to death if you would consider buying this property while it’s there” said Peterson. He continued to reference the update to the Shiloh Comprehen- sive Plan, saying “It does state residents should have a park within one mile of their home, and these empty lots are our only chance.” The exact verbiage of the plan reads “Strategies should be implemented to ensure that existing parks and resources are cared for and future parks and open space are considered as the village continues to grow. As the population increases and changes, parks and open space should be acquired to meet community needs and to accommodate appropriate levels of service and scale, including: mini parks, nodal parks, neighborhood parks, community parks, recreational facilities, and access to trails and greenways. As growth and development occurs or densifies in particular areas, the location and type of park most appropriate for the park system and its residents should be reviewed. Parks should be evenly distributed so that all residents have access within one-half to one mile of home. Some of Shiloh’s neighborhoods are substantially See “Shiloh Board” on page 8 O'FALLON - Monday night’s City Council meeting involved approving multiple service agreements and ordinances, but it was the City Hall parking expansion project and the nam- ing of the downtown pavilion, plaza and parking portion of the Destination O’Fallon economic development plan that garnered the most discussion. St. Clare Parish Trustee Mike Crupe addressed the council first during public comment to ask them to reconsider the idea of paving the city-owned land, or at least delay it until after the parish’s planned Oktoberfest. He brought with him letters from St. Clare School students for the council to read prior to their vote. Carl Lurk, a St. Clare parish- ioner involved with the Oktober- fest, also addressed the council regarding the City Hall parking expansion project. Mr. Lurk refer- Alderman Ross Rosenberg spoke out saying that the pavilion name should be O'Fallon Station since that was what the citizens voted in enced the use of the green space by favor of. He would go on to introduce the amendment changing the name from Downtown Plaza to O'Fallon Station. the school and for the Oktoberfest (O'Fallon Weekly Photo by Nick Miller) activities. He asked if there were other locations downtown to build tion to execute the agreement with Rooter’s top, you have the right and the permission additional parking and was also concerned Asphalt for the City Hall parking expan- to use that just the same as how St. Nick’s that paving over the green space may cause sion project for $158,553.03, Mayor Herb sets theirs up on their blacktop as well. the community to lose the Oktoberfest Roach took time to address the council and There are ways of going about doing that, if event downtown. residents in attendance regarding the park- it’s (the parking lot construction) completed The City Hall parking expansion project ing lot because he and the council received in time. I think, based on the time frame, it is to construct a 46-car parking lot, with would be completed. We don’t want to stop entrance off Third Street, on the city-owned a lot of contact over the weekend stating there was no communication involving this you from having that downtown, it’s great parcel of land located to the west of City project. for the city and it’s great for the church.” Hall. The new parking lot will extend from “I do think that people need to under- Alderman Richie Meile stated prior to City Hall until the St. Clare-owned parcel stand that there has been ongoing commu- the vote, “This is one of those times that as of land, which is 100 feet in width from nication and dialog on this issue for over a an alderman, I’m gonna have to vote out of South Cherry Street. The city-owned parcel year with various people in the parish and loyalty than I am out of progress so I’ll be is 150 feet in width. City staff indicated with various people in the city government, voting ‘no’.” during last Monday’s committee meeting Alderman Dan Witt indicated every that St. Clare had been contacted previously including myself. As a matter of fact, it was acknowledged earlier today that I had comment and email he received has been about the parish paving their parce l during discussions with them three or four months against the project, so he was also going to the City’s project, and St. Clare declined. ago. So there has been dialog on this and be voting against it. The need for new parking at City Hall what was being done and to see what else Alderman Matthew Gilreath took an is a result of the sale of the city property could possibly be done,” Roach explained. opportunity during the discussion to defend across the street, the old bank property and The mayor also referenced multiple Mayor Roach with regards to comments parking lot. City staff currently uses the times over the last couple of months when received about lack of communication with lot for parking, but future plans of the new information regarding this project was this project. “One thing that Mayor Roach property owner involve a building being made public, discussed in prior city meet- has done excellent in his year’s tenure is constructed on the lot. The sale of the old being proactive on communicating and bank building stipulated payment to the city ings (as recently as last Monday’s Public Works committee meeting) and in the making sure people are aware of what’s of $100,000 for the construction of a new newspaper. going on.” parking lot within a specific time following “As far as having the festival (Oktober- the sale. fest),” the mayor continued, “we have told Prior to council discussion on the resolu- See “O'Fallon Council” on page 8 (you) in the past, that even if that is black-