O'Fallon Weekly March 14, 2018

Habitat for Humanity breaks ground on fourth local house Page 4 Wednesday March 14, 2018 Vol. 3, No. 47 $1.00 Juvenile charged City committee considers proposed with four felonies march against school violence for Hinchcliffe threat By Angela Simmons Weekly Reporter State's Attorney Brendan Kelly reads off the charges filed against a 15-year-old juvenile for threatening Hinchcliffe last week. (O'Fallon Weekly Photo by Nick Miller) By Nick Miller Weekly Editor O’FALLON - State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly and the O’Fallon Police Department announced that a 15-year-old male has been charged with four felonies in connection to threatening graf- fiti found at Hinch- cliffe Elementary School last week. Kelly announced that following the police depart- ment’s investiga- tion, his office filed the following charges against the O’Fallon juvenile. • Count 1- Making a Terrorist Threat (Class X Felony) • Count 2- Attempt Making a Terrorist Threat (Class 1 Felony) • Count 3- Disorderly Conduct (Class 4 Felony) • Count 4- Criminal Defacement of Property (Class 4 Felony) The juvenile appeared in St. Clair County Juvenile Court for the charges and was subsequently remanded to the St. Clair County Juvenile Detention Center. The charges were announced at a press conference held at the Public Safety Building on Wednesday, March 7. The graffiti, which was described by Superintendent Carrie Hruby as partially threatening and partially sexually explicit drawings. According to Hruby, “a District 90 employee located damage and graffiti to the exterior of the Hinchcliffe School building. The contact of the graffiti contained both threatening and non-threatening marks.” To learn about District 90's school security plans, see our story on Page 5 See “Charges” on page 8 O'FALLON - Organizers from the O’Fallon chapter of March For Our Lives spoke to the O’Fallon Community Devel- opment Committee as their permit for the local segment of the nationwide march was presented for consideration. Claire Wilcox, a senior at OTHS said “I represent a group of hundreds of students, teachers, members of the community who are all from different walks but have united for a common cause. We want to bring attention to lack of policy, safety protection, and lack of funds to keep us safe in our schools. We want funding for more police and trained security at our schools, mental health counseling for students, zero tolerance for all students threatening violence at all times, and for our voices to be heard above all else. We hope that you can support us in doing this march legally, responsibly, and with neces- sary protection for safety concerns. We do not, by any means, support this becoming a gun control debate. This is about raising awareness for gun violence and catalyzing a productive conversation about how we can all come together as a community on every level to make our schools and our community safer.” Wilcox is one of three requesters for the permit, along with Dustin Wilcox and Patrick Murphy. She voiced solidarity with the students of Parkland, Florida, and also said that the group is all inclusive and nonpartisan. “It’s something that students can join on their own. They don’t have to have a friend in the group to be a part of it. I’ve met such a range of students from all different personalities, backgrounds, colors and opinions, and we have all been able to unite under this common cause, which I think has been great. We don’t want this to be our only event; We want to continue to March organizer and OTHS student Claire Wilcox addresses the Community Development committee about her proposed event at Monday night's meeting. (O'Fallon Weekly Photo by Nick Miller) catalyze this conversation,” she continued. March For Our Lives has chapters in most major cities across the country, all of which will hold an event in their separate communities. The O’Fallon march would begin at 8:30 a.m. at the parking lot across from city hall at the corner of Third and Lincoln streets. The route would progress down East Third Street to South Smiley, See “Committee” on page 8 Sign up today for our E-Newsletter at OFallonWeekly.com