O'Fallon Weekly February 7, 2018

Corporate moves by CSX may have ramifications on O’Fallon rail line Page 2 Lawsuit filed in 2016 Gia's Pizza car crash Wednesday February 7, 2018 Vol. 3, No. 42 $1.00 Council gives authorization for new construction projects Next roundabout to be located at Old Collinsville and Milburn School Road By Martha Stoffel Weekly Reporter A 2011 Honda Accord driven by Miltha Williams struck two cars and slammed through the side wall of Gia's Pizza on October 18, 2016. Recently, a lawsuit was filed against Williams by the patrons eating in the booth on the opposite side of the wall. (O'Fallon Weekly Photo by Jeff Egbert) By Nick Miller Weekly Editor O'FALLON - A lawsuit has been filed in connection to an Oc- tober 2016 car accident that sent a car though the wall of Gia’s Pizza. Sara Seibel and Steven Ortiz filed a complaint on December 19 in St. Clair County Circuit Court against Miltha Williams, 77, alleging negligence in the crash. The crash occurred at 6:50 p.m. on Tuesday, October 18, 2016, at the intersection of North Lincoln Avenue and East State Street. Miltha Williams was driving her Honda Accord west- bound on East State when she reportedly hit the gas instead of the brake pedal. At the same time, Stephen Grider was driving northbound on North Lincoln through the intersection. Williams struck Grider’s 2015 Nissan pickup. The police report states that “[Grider] stated [Williams] was still accelerating and tried to climb upon his truck. [Grider] stated [Williams] then bounced off of him…” After bouncing off of Grider’s pickup, Williams struck a Nis- See “Lawsuit” on page 6 O'FALLON - The O’Fallon City Council approved several engineering agreements for construction projects through- out the city Monday night, including two related to the next roundabout to be built, lo- cated at the intersection of Old Collinsville Road and Milburn School Road. The upcoming roundabout construction had projects awarded to Geotechnology, Inc. for construction testing and to Rhutasel & Associates, Inc. for construction engineer- ing. The Public Works depart- ment expects the intersection to be closed throughout the sum- mer, starting after the final day of school in May. Work will Preliminary work will soon begin at the intersection of Old Collinsville Road and Milburn School Road, where the city plans to likely begin prior to the road build its next roundabout. (O'Fallon Weekly Photo by Nick Miller) closure, but should not hamper the next three years. The first phase will • Council entered into executive session traffic. address all of the water mains between to discuss the sale of surplus real estate Gonzalez Companies, LLC will be Lincoln Avenue and Princeton Drive, located at Taylor Road. After returning to used for two different public works replacing approximately 7,300 linear feet open session, a motion was made to coun- projects. The first for the East State Street of water main. ter the offer to be presented and approved sewer improvement project. The city is The final engineering agreement or denied in three weeks. The motion was interested in designing and building a san- approved was for TWM, Inc. for the approved with a vote of 10-3. Aldermen itary sewer system to serve the seventeen Mid-America Commerce Center lift sta- Jerry Albrecht, Ned Drolet and Andrew homes and the O’Fallon Township Build- tion and sanitary sewer main extension. Lopinot voted “no,” and Alderman Kevin ing located along the south side of East Hagarty was absent. State Street between Lee Drive and Seven The city is interested in extending sewer services to an area of future development • The O’Fallon Parks & Recreation Hills Road. These homes and building are north of Shiloh Valley Township Line department received a 3rd place honor currently served by septic systems. Road near Illinois Route 158 and Inter- from the Illinois Parks & Recreation The second project for Gonzalez Com- Association at the annual IPRA confer- panies, LLC is the Southview Subdivision state 64. The funds for this project will be out of the Rasp Farm TIF. ence. “Based upon working to improve water main improvements project. This Additional City Council news: project will be completed in phases over See “City Council” on page 6 Winter weather causes traffic issues Sunday afternoon and evening By Angela Simmons Weekly Reporter O'FALLON - On Sunday after- noon, St. Clair County residents were caught off guard as what was supposed to be light flurries turned into an icy glaze on the roads. O’Fallon and Shiloh both recorded accidents from people unable to stop their vehicles from sliding. The St. Clair County Emer- gency Management Agency, which shares important weather alerts, shared the incoming weather on their Facebook page, and then began updating with posts about various departments responding to accidents. They also shared a photo of two vehicles that drove down the embankment at the Interstate 64 exit at Green Mount Road. O’Fallon Police Department Captain Jim Cavins said that their officers responded to 12 accidents, and further helped the Illinois State Police with another four accidents. Officers responded to wrecks on Air Mobility Road, the roundabout at Green Mount Road and State Street, and others. Resident Sam Murray was the passenger in a vehicle that was struck at about 4:15 p.m. by another car in the Green Mount Road and State Street traffic circle. Murray then went and helped the driver of a third car that crashed in the Vehicles slid off I-64 at the Green Mount Road exit (Photo courtesy of St. Clair County Emergency Management) See “Weather” on page 6