O'Fallon Weekly April 4, 2018

District 203 Board of Education discusses security options Page 4 Wednesday April 4, 2018 Vol. 3, No. 50 $1.00 SURPRISE! It's a boy! City Council approves agreements to renovate, increase O’Fallon-Shiloh EMS help deliver a baby at home security at City Hall By Angela Simmons Weekly Reporter Thirteen minutes. That’s how long it took from the time Zach and Ashley Martin called 911 to the time their new son, Finn Oliver Martin, was born. The family are full of gratitude for O’Fallon first responders that arrived just in time to help, and then got mother and baby to the hospital safely. Ashley was five days overdue, and figured she would have to be induced, the same as she had with the couple’s first son, Colin. Contractions began around 3:00 a.m. on March 27, and then swiftly progressed. “They were five minutes apart, and I told Zach to call his mom to have her come Conceptual art, shown at a December 2017 committee meeting, gives an idea what the City Council watch our oldest son,” Ashley said. She noted the contractions getting closer and Chambers would look like after renovations. (File Photo) closer and called out for her husband to By Martha Stoffel get help. Zach said “In the time it took me to go Weekly Reporter downstairs and call my mom to let her know to come over, and then went back O'FALLON - The City Council approved agreements related to upstairs, things had progressed to ‘Oh my the City Hall security renovations projects, beginning late April/ God, you have to call 911.” He called at early May. These renovations will include upgrades to the City 3:28 a.m., and the official time of birth is Council Chambers and front lobby areas to improve security, noted as 3:41 a.m. audio/visual function and the flexibility of space. “They got here within three to four The demolition and general construction bid was from Millen- nium Construction for $150,257, which included an alternate cost minutes, and they were here for maybe a minute or two, and I pushed, and out came to remove and replace all existing carpet tile in the lobby. The our son,” Ashley explained. audio/visual bid was approved for Modern Communications for O’Fallon-Shiloh Emergency Services $37,881. The furniture bid was approved for Egyptian Workspace EMTs Justin Verner and Terry Sill respond- Partners for $14,755.32. ed, as well as two O’Fallon police officers. The proposal presented to the Public Safety committee in Zach said they were all “consummate December removes the fixed pews in the chambers and replaces professionals,” and said that even amid all them with flexible seating. A translucent film will be added to the of the chaos, they worked hard to keep him windows of the chamber in the lobby, blocking visibility into the calm, which in turn helped Ashley remain chamber but not light. The microphone layout on the dais will calm. The dispatcher guided him on what be reworked, along with the use of smaller chairs, to accommo- to do until help arrived, just in the nick date all council members. The windows behind the dais will be of time to catch the baby. Verner got into replaced with masonry materials, and two, exit-only egress doors position “just like Yadier Molina, and then Finn Oliver Martin came into the world in dramatic fashion, born at home with the help of the O'Fallon-Shiloh EMS. will be added. boom, there was the baby” Zach explained. (Photo provided by the Martin Family) Transaction counters will be replaced with universal height “They were all men, all super profes- counters and glass with three, 18 inch openings. Work will also sional. This was the first time that either be done to make sure way-finding within City Hall is clear, al- Verner and Sill allowed her to get into the Zach quipped “No one said it would be one of us have been involved in a 911 call. lowing community members to easily find where they need to go ambulance and have a moment to meet her quicker than getting Chinese food takeout. If one has to call 911, you definitely want for each department. Projected time frame for completion is two new grandson and check on Ashley. “I’m 30 minutes or less.” it to be something like that,” he contin- to three months. Renovations are expected to take six to eight very impressed with the way they handled He called Ashley his Wonder Woman ued. Finn, weighing in at just over seven weeks. During renovations, all city meetings will be held at the themselves, and could not thank them for how well she did throughout the sur- pounds, and measuring just under twenty Public Safety Building. The last City Council meeting to be held more. They saved not only my baby’s life, prise birth. inches long, was immediately wrapped in at City Hall prior to the renovations will be April 16th. but Ashley’s, too, I’m convinced,” he said. “I don’t really remember the pain during a towel, and Verner and Sill began what Resolutions for Public Works projects were approved at Ashley’s labor with Colin was what she the birth, because it was so fast, and I don’t Zach called a ballet to get Finn and Ashley Monday night’s council meeting. These included an agreement and Zach called “civil” and an “English tea know if my body was in shock. It was the bundled and down to the ambulance. “I with CSX Transportation for the replacement of the water main party,” as after being induced, she had an scariest thing I’ve ever gone through, and was in the military, so I can appreciate along the south side of State Street between Obernuefemann and epidural and began what the couple said knowing that the baby was okay made me that kind of very well-trained and efficient the CSX railroad crossing.  Due to right-of-way and easement re- was a calm and relaxed birthing process. okay. We didn’t find out the gender, so we carrying out of a plan,” said the U.S. Navy strictions on the south side of the road, the new water main will “They were very, very different. And found out that we had another baby boy. veteran. be relocated to the north side of State Street. A portion of this people had told me it would be faster with We were trying to process that along with He let his mom know that an ambulance the second baby, and I kept thinking it alignment will be within the CSX railroad right-of-way. This ‘I just had a baby in my bathroom.’ There was at the house and Finn had arrived, would just be as long as Colin’s birth, and See “Surprise birth” on page 7 See “City Council” on page 7 and before they heading to the hospital, if not, I would be surprised,” said Ashley.