O'Fallon Weekly April 25, 2018

O'Fallon celebrates actor William Holden's 100th birthday Page 8 Wednesday April 25, 2018 Vol. 4, No. 1 $1.00 Tuesday morning First responders and animal advocates saved the day for family of ducklings fire occurs in Shiloh home Firefighters gather in front of 3429 Langford Lane early Tuesday morning after putting out a fire within the residence. No one was home at the time and the cause of the fire is still under investiga- tion. (O'Fallon Weekly Photo by Nick Miller) By Nick Miller & Angela Simmons Weekly Editor Weekly Reporter Shiloh area first responders enjoy a bit of time with the rescued ducklings. (Photo courtesy of Sheila Gelberg Ford) SHILOH - Just before midnight leading into Tuesday morning, O’Fallon-Shiloh fire fighters were called to a house fire located at 3429 Langford Lane. No one was injured as the house was unoccupied at the time, according to Deputy Chief Timothy Claxton. Claxton reported he arrived on scene at 11:54 p.m. Monday night and saw heavy fire out of the back of the house on the second floor and out an attic window. He reported that fire fight- ers received conflicting reports as to whether or not anyone was inside, so they did a quick preliminary search which came up empty. “We knocked down the fire pretty quickly. Kept it contained mostly to the center of the house and the attic. There was no- body in the house and the police department are trying to track down where the occupants are,” Claxton reported to the Weekly on the scene. Claxton gave no indication as to the cause of the fire. “We’re still doing overhauls. Anytime a fire gets into the attic, it means lots of insulation, which means lots of work for the team to go up and put out. Since the house is unoccupied at this time, we are going to have to do some investigations to deter- mine the cause. If we can’t determine it locally, we’ll talk to the Illinois State Fire Marshall to see if they want to come down and take a look at it,” Claxton explained. Next door neighbor Aaron Connor said that he and his wife, Marquetta, had just finished watching a movie before he noticed the blaze next door. “I went out on the back deck to let my dog out and happened to look and saw flames coming out of the back of the house, about the middle of the home. Flames were coming out,” Con- nor said. He called 911 and nervously waited for them to arrive, while keeping an eye on the fire. A neighbor that previously worked for the East St. Louis Fire Department came over and suggested that even though the grass wasn’t dry, that Connor may want to spray the grass and the side of his home, as the siding could melt See “House Fire” on page 9 By Angela Simmons Weekly Reporter SHILOH - Shiloh Police Sergeant Sean Joy never imagined that when he started his shift on April 17, he would be called to Shiloh Middle School to a rescue scene, especially one involving nearly a dozen ducklings. Shiloh Police officers, as well as O’Fallon-Shiloh Emergency Services and O’Fallon Fire all responded to a call to come help save the ducklings from a storm drain. “St. Clair County Animal Welfare Ad- vocate Sheila Ford was notified through Facebook that someone at the track meet at SMS saw the ducklings, being led by mama duck, fall into the storm drain, and she went to O’Fallon Firehouse 3, which is in Shiloh, and asked for help. Dispatch called and asked if we could go help, and we ran out there. Officer Jacob Kienitz and Officer Bradley Blake came out there with me to see what we could do,” said Sgt. Joy. Though the rescuers could see the animals in the drain, they were unsure of exactly how many were trapped. “We couldn’t see how many there were initially, because they were so bunched up, but it turned out that there was 11. Thankfully Chief Brent Saunders and his daughter, Firefighter Saunders, as well as a Lieutenant, responded as well. We Two found dead in O'Fallon home Monday morning By Nick Miller Weekly Editor O’FALLON - O’Fallon Police located the bodies of two individuals Monday morning while performing a well being call at a home in the 600 block of Carol Ann. Officers found the deceased bodies of two individuals and began an investigation. The cause of death is currently unknown. No further information will be released and the notification of family members of still pending. The department indicated they may be releasing more information Tuesday afternoon, after our print deadline. Check OFallonWeekly. com for further updates. called them because they had the right tools, and they had the grate open within a minute,” he said. Sgt. Joy estimated that Ford was joined by five women from Treehouse Wildlife, based out of Dow, Illinois. “One of the women from Treehouse Wildlife, as soon as the grate was pulled up, she dove right in. No hesitation, and began pulling duck- lings out. They’re squirmy little guys. We were worried that they would jump out of our hands and fall right back in. Thank- fully, she got them all out unharmed, and got them put into a soft-sided cooler type of carrying case,” Sgt. Joy explained. See “Duck Rescue” on page 9 Sign up today for our E-Newsletter at OFallonWeekly.com