ODEON Magazine Issue 106 - September/October 2018 - Page 21

Venom Spooky details: Home to warlock Jonathan Barnavelt and his nephew Lewis, this creaky gothic mansion isn’t just any old house. Nope, within its walls dwells a sinister clock that could bring about the apocalypse. Can Lewis locate it before it’s too late? Tick tock! Spooky details: When reporter Eddie Brock bonds with a dangerous alien symbiote, he becomes the fearsome Venom. “You should be extremely afraid,” Brock warns his enemies. It’s good advice. Venom’s tongue is palpitation- inducing. And don’t even get us started on his teeth! The House with a Clock in its Walls – out 21 September Venom – out 5 October Darker still Fancy yourself as brave, do you? We dare you to try these upcoming 15-and-over horror offerings... The Nun When a novitiate and priest investigate a strange death in Romania, they meet a ‘being’ that’s anything but holy. See it from 7 September Halloween Slappy Migo Spooky details: This evil ventriloquist’s dummy is accidentally unleashed by best friends Sam and Sonny on Halloween. The dummy’s aim? The end of the world, of course – what else? And he’s got an army of monstrous pals (including fanged gummy bears – they look cute, they’re not!) to help him. Spooky details: Loveable Yeti scientist Migo won’t keep you awake at night (he’s far too cuddly for that), nor will his cute Yeti friends at the S.E.S. (Smallfoot Exists, Suckers). The objects of their obsession might though: humans. Arghhhh – now those really are scary. Or as Milo puts it: “Straight out of your worst nightmare!” Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween – out 19 October Masked madman Michael Myers is back – but this time Laurie Strode is waiting. Cue ‘bloody’ revenge! See it from 19 October Overlord Two American GIs face Nazi-created-zombie-super- soldiers in this gory actioner. You will scream! See it from 25 October Smallfoot – out 12 October The above films are part of ODEON’s No Tricks, Just Treats promotion. To find out how you can get 2 for 1 tickets at Legoland and more, visit ODEON.co.uk/treats odeon.co.uk 21 PHOTOS: © The House