ODEON Magazine Issue 106 - September/October 2018 - Page 19

The latest chapter in the sci-fi franchise introduces us to a new type of Predator: an über-Predator if you will. This 10-foot-tall brute has upgraded itself using the DNA of other lethal species and – in a breath- stealing scene – easily disposes of a less- enhanced version. “Are they hunting each other now?’ queries Olivia Munn’s biologist. Not exactly... this is a sequel full of twists. After a sweltering showdown with a LA-terrorising Predator, Danny Glover’s triumphant cop Mike Harrigan is presented with an antique pistol by the alien’s brethren. Proving that, for them, this really is a sport. One of cinema’s great lines, delivered by Arnie’s besieged commando, Dutch, as he urges civilian Anna to save herself. Like all the best creature features, the Predator isn’t revealed in its full glory until two thirds of the way through the original film, with its mask only coming off in the explosive final battle. This late-in-the-day unveiling was practical as well as plot-driven. Effects creator Stan Winston was given just eight weeks to build the beast after the original Jean- Claude Van Damme- sported costume failed to make the grade. The result is a truly iconic movie monster. Or, as Arnie puts it: “One ugly mother- f******!” See The Predator in cinemas from 13 September odeon.co.uk 19 PHOTOS: In a gob-smacking twist, a rag-tag group of human killers discover they’re not in the Amazon as they first thought, but rather – judging by the beautiful yet strange sky – a jungle on an alien planet. “We’re going to need a new plan,” says leader Royce. And lots of prayers!