ODEON Magazine Issue 106 - September/October 2018 - Page 18

Shane Black has unfinished business with “the demon who makes trophies of men”. The Predator director plays lewd joker Hawkins in the 1987 original. In fact, he’s the alien’s first on-screen kill. Watch the trailer One of the best starts to a movie ever, as Adrien Brody’s hard-boiled merc wakes up to find himself plummeting from the heavens. It drops you right into the hunt – literally! In Shane Black’s full-throttle take on the alien hunters, a wounded Predator is captured and restrained in a spotlessly clean government facility. Before you can say: “You fools, what were you thinking?”, the lab’s once gleaming surfaces are a bright red colour and the creature is nowhere to be seen. “We got us a R-rating,” Black declared proudly at Comic- Con. You have been warned! Casey The hunt begins anew in September’s The Predator. Meet the latest prey... 18 odeon.co.uk Olivia Munn A xenobiologist whose skills could prove vital to defeating the alien threat. Quinn Boyd Holbrook De facto leader of The Loonies (and Rory’s dad). It’s his fault we’re in this mess. The AVP movies get a bad press, but this thrilling flashback sequence – which shows how the Predators and their ultimate prey, the Xenomorphs, came to be on our backwater planet – is worth the ticket price alone. Will Sterling K. Brown Top CIA agent tasked with overcoming the Predators. But he can’t do it alone... Rory Jacob Tremblay Autistic Rory can learn languages in a flash, making his DNA very desirable. This cross between a Yautja (to give the Predator its official name) and a Xenomorph is truly the stuff of nightmares.