October 2017 Magazines 89123 - Page 57

A Step Above 2018 Carson Loosbrock Silverado High School senior Carson Loosbrock is hungry. His hobby: eating. But despite this good- humored admission, it’s obvious he’s got an appetite for more than just food. Steadfast and goal-ori- ented, he’s swiftly gaining ground in academics, athletics and beyond. That it hasn’t always been easy is a great testament to his resolve. From novice athlete to volunteer youth coach and varsity team player, he’s learned not to be discouraged by perceived failures or weaknesses, but rather, to use them as motivation to keep pushing forward no matter the task or odds. Humble, well-rounded and deter- mined to go, fight, win, Carson Loosbrock is – A Step Above. G.P.A. 4.8 Sports/Clubs: • Varsity Football, 2016-Present; Captain, 2017-Present • Varsity Track, 2017-Present • JV Football, 2015-2016 • Freshman Football, 2014-2015 • Engineering Club VP, 2017-Present • Varsity Quiz, 2017-Present • Red Cross Club, 2017-Present • Engineering Club, 2016-Present • Student Council, 2014-2015 • Class Committe e, 2014-Present Awards/Community Service: • Valedictorian Candidate • A-Honor Roll, 2014-Present • NYS Volunteer Coach, 2015-Present • NYS Volunteer Referee, 2016 • Shade Tree, 2014 • Three Square, 2014-2015 • Assistance League of Las Vegas–Operation School Bell, 2017-Present What are your goals and aspirations, for now and the future? “My biggest goal for this school year is to maintain my GPA and graduate as a Valedictorian, while continuing to participate in athletics and clubs. My long-term goals are to go to college, graduate with a mechanical engineering degree, work as an aerospace engineer for NASA, have a happy, healthy family, and, of course, a nice car.” Who inspires you? “My stepdad, Allen, is my greatest role model. He is the reason that I have such strong morals and push myself to succeed. He has always been encouraging and has taught me the importance of cooperation, collaboration and teamwork.” Tell us about NYS volunteer coaching. “While it is not your traditional community service, my favorite volunteer work has been coaching youth athletes in flag football and basketball. The excite- ment in their eyes when they score a touchdown or make a basket is contagious. Being a part of their development as athletes and team players is an opportunity I am ecstatic and grateful to have.” October/November 2017 You and football got off to a rocky start. What changed? “In youth football, every practice would either start or end, and sometimes both, with me crying because I couldn’t handle it. I was never nat- urally athletic, but I loved watching football and continued to want to play it, despite how poorly I performed. Ever since then, I have used those tears as motivation to become the athlete I aspire to be. I have learned to never be okay with mediocrity or failure.” 57