October 2017 Magazines 89123 - Page 27

1 (16 oz.) package egg roll wrappers 2 (8 oz.) tubs favorite flavor whipped cream cheese (We like jalapeño.) 1 quart peanut or canola oil 1 can small olives Pink peppercorns or red bell pepper Thinly slice the smallest ends of olives and set aside on a paper towel to dry. Reserve ¼ cup cream cheese and place into a small pastry bag; set aside. Using remaining cream cheese, place one tablespoon into the center of each egg roll wrapper. Lightly moisten edges of wrapper with water. Bring one corner of the wrapper to meet opposite corner. Fold point back over filling to form a triangle, dampening edges and pres 2ЦrFvWFW"F6VvVFǒVBGv7BVG2W&F6FW2`w&W"F7&VFRvw2&WVBVF7&V6VW6R2W6VB6fPWG&Vvr&w&W'2f"FW"&V6Rख&vRVgBVBF3S +bg'&G2&F6W2f"&ЦFVǒ"2֖WFW2GW&r6RvRg'rVFvFV'&vWB6W"FvVW6r&W6W'fVB7&V6VW6RFR7G'&rRFG2f&֖rFRW"WW2BWFƖvƗfW2fW 7&V6VW6R6RWW&6&FR6VFW"bV6WRB2WFb6V6FfRFWW&6&27V'7FGWFR&VBWW'2FBfP&VV7WBF6&VG26W'fRvF7vVWBB6W"6V6RbFW6&VB&V6Rg&f'7Ff%vV6