October 2017 Magazines 89074 - Page 57

A Step Above 2018 Kayla Rawlins There is a consistent quality that shines throughout Green Valley High School senior Kayla Rawlins’ character: her desire to be a beacon of kindness. Graciously aware, and grateful, that she has been on the receiving end, she’s intent on paying it forward as she navigates work, school, church and extra- curricular activities. And from that foundation blooms everything that makes her a standout individ- ual. With sights set on finishing her senior year strong, continuing onto BYU, and pursuing a life that is, above all, happy and selfless, she means to accomplish it all while staying true to her core values, and for that, Kayla Rawlins is – A Step Above G.P.A.: 4.65 Sports/Activities: • JV Swim, 2015-2016 • GVHS Concert Choir, 2015-Present • GVHS Madrigal Choir, 2016-Present • GVHS Symphony Orchestra, 2015-Present • Clark County Honor Choir, 2016-Present • Nevada All-State Choir, 2017 • Zion’s Youth Symphony and Chorus, 2015 • Private Piano Studies, 2014-Present • National Honor Society, 2016-Present Awards/Community Service: • Science Student of the Month–March, 2017 • Clark County Honor Choir Soprano 2 Section Leader, 2016 • Nevada All-State Choir Soprano 2 Section Leader, 2017 • Choir Varsity Letter, 2017 • Orchestra Varsity Letter, 2017 • Young Womanhood Recognition Award, 2015 • Piano Solo & Ensemble Outstanding Rating, 2017 • Vocal Solo & Ensemble Outstanding Rating, 2017 • Beehive Home Volunteer, 2017 • Church Youth Committee, 2017 • Pennsylvania Special Olympics Volunteer, 2015 How did uprooting from Pennsylvania and changing hig h schools affect your outlook? “Not only was it hard making new friends, but it was challenging getting used to a high school all over again. I was able to overcome this obstacle through amazing friends and teachers who embraced me. Moving 2500 miles taught me that I need to strive to be a friend to everyone and embrace newcomers throughout my life just as I was so lovingly welcomed.” How was it volunteering for the Special Olympics? “When I lived in Pennsylvania, my church part- nered with Special Olympics every March, and we had the opportunity to provide games for partici- pants in between their events. Every year, I was struck by the pure happiness of the participants. They are truly some of the kindest, most joyful people I have encountered, and serving them made me a kinder, happier person.” October/November 2017 How do you intend to positively influence your peers? “Our world is becoming increasingly harsh and critical. I witness unkindness all around me at school every day, and teenagers are being trained more and more to compare themselves to others. I want to be a voice for avoiding judgement and providing others with the benefit of the doubt. I want to advocate for reaching out and loving others despite our differences, because with that comes increased self-positivity.” 57