October 2017 Magazines 89074 - Page 48

Antonio’s business partner, Celebrity Chef Scott Commings, winner of Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, loved the idea and quickly became involved to help get the event on the map. His upbringing in small towns across the Midwest fueled a nostalgic desire to dig in and make Antonio’s dream a reality. “Antonio and I have collaborated on many proj- ects, and because this was community focused, it was some- thing I felt I could really get behind. I believe the desire for creating culture surrounded by community is truly a special endeavor. The Water Street District is a unique setting where Main Street USA meets progressive, dynamic thinking. It converges culture, commerce and authentic small-town sensibility with forward-thinking redevelopment policies carried out by the City of Henderson, making it the perfect location for the festival. The only thing to do was to surround ourselves by the best and most influential team we could. And then began Last Friday.” 48 The event appeals to a wide range of audiences, from food- ies who crave small bites, craft beer and wine creations by local chefs and food trucks, to movers and shakers of the live music and DJ scene, or those looking to support local entrepreneurs and their products. The inaugural event held in August saw huge support from Henderson residents, with the September event including two bands and a special food fight between two headlining chefs, along with an extra day of car shows and bands on the following Saturday. Each month is themed, so October is sure to be a bit more sinis- ter, offering Halloween events for both young and old. A further nod to community connectedness has a portion of food and beverage proceeds being donated to a designated charity each month. Adds Nunez, “We hope to make Water Street that small town street that everyone goes to, hangs out and supports. Where businesses start to grow and develop for the community, giving the community the place to hang out and have a great time not only on a date but a family night!” The festival hours will run from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., with general admission to the event always complimentary. Visit www.justaddwaterstreet.com for more information. ◆