October 2017 Magazines 89052 - Page 72

by Loren V. Kiner Hello Loren, My old car finally gave it up. I am taking the bus and walking. All of the used vehicles I am looking at seem to have a lot of miles. Any advice? I understand the risk involved. I just want to protect myself. Any advice is appreciated. Looking is not easy, Dina Hello Dina, On any used car purchase gut instinct is the first step. If it does not sound or feel right, I would avoid it. First of all you will want to check the vehicle with the engine cold. Most costly engine noises happen on cold start up. Look for smoke out of the tailpipe. Once you have started the vehicle and are still on board, drive the vehicle and pay attention to the trans- mission operation. Look for slipping, banging or unusual sounds. The Premium Lube, Oil & Filter Full Vehicle Detail rest of the testing should be done professionally. Such as compression Shampoo carpets & mats, full Includes Sales Tax test, electrical test, suspension and brake inspection. The battery and tire Alignment Special wash and wax, steam clean Includes FREE tire rotation, born on dates are important as well. At Imperial Auto we charge $39.95 All factory available adjustments engine, full interior protectant up to 5 quarts of Kendall for a basic used car test and computer scan. A compression test is an on all cars & light trucks up to 1/2 ton. Reg. price $159.95 Performance GT-1 Synthetic Blend. Lifted & altered suspension vehicles additional cost based on the type of vehicle. I hope this helps. Coupon price $89.95 Most makes & models. Diesels & addressed on individual basis. No other discounts can be applied. full synthetics extra. Loren Must present coupon. Exp. 11/30/17. Must present coupon. Exp. 11/30/17. Must present coupon. Exp. 11/30/17. $19.99 $59.99