October 2017 Magazines 89052 - Page 62

62 October 10 10.7 – Get Outdoors Nevada Day Cornerstone Park, Henderson This free, family-friendly event highlights the best of Nevada’s outdoor spaces, from basic park fun to activities like rock climbing. Visit www.getoutdoorsnevada.org/day/ for info. 10.7 – Discovery Children’s Museum The Magic of Discovery Gala Tower Ballroom @ Bellagio, 3600 S. Las Vegas Blvd. MARVEL-ous black tie attire with a superhero spin is a must for this spectacular event to raise funds for the nonprofit museum’s exhibits and programs. Email Events@DiscoveryKidsLV.org or call 702-382-3445 for info. 10.7 – 3rd Annual Show Your Heart Run Kellogg Zaher Park, 7901 W. Washington Ave. Run, walk or skip for children with heart conditions at this 5K race and 1.7 mile fun walk to benefit the Children’s Heart Foundation. Visit www.chfn.org to register. 10.7 – American Cancer Society’s 2017 Construction vs. Cancer Symphony Park, located adjacent to The Smith Center This unique fundraising festival to benefit programs of the American Cancer Society lets pediatric cancer patients sit in the driver’s seat of backhoes, dozers and excavators. Visit www.cancer.org/about-us/local/nevada.html for info. 10.7 – College and Beyond…Life After High School Henderson Multigenerational Center, 250 S. Green Valley Pkwy. Free and open to students and their parents, this workshop aims to prep students for college by exploring appli- cation strategies, scholarships, how to find and apply for scholarships and how to make applications stand out. Visit www.cityofhenderson.com for info. 10.7 – Easterseals Nevada 7th Annual Cheers to Chocolate The District at Green Valley Ranch, 2240 Village Walk Dr. Chocolate and wine lovers come together to savor different wines provided by Southern Glazers Wine and Spirits, mouthwatering chocolate by Ethel M Chocolate Factory, and taste delectable dishes from notable vendors around the valley. Tickets available at http://bit.ly/2vxyUsn. 10.7-8 – Pahrump Valley Winery 25th Annual Grape Stomp Pahrump Valley Winery, 3810 Winery Rd. Celebrate the seasonal grape harvest, fall, and full moons at this 2-day event. Festivities include a grape stomp competition, wine tasting, food, live music, artisan/craft booths, raffles and the biggest wine sale of the year. Tickets and info at www.pahrumpwinery.com/Events. 10.7 & 8 – 55th Annual Art in the Park 10.7, 13 & 14 – Wilbur, Bicentennial and Escalante Parks in Bou \]B[\ۈۘ\•\YH]܈\][X]\\\\[ܘYY[[[Z\ܚ[ۙ][\ۈ][[ۋ[[]H[\Z[Y[[[ܙKYY[[Y]H[\]H][[][ۋ\]˘\\˛ܙ܈[ܛX][ۋ ˈܙY[[^HKH[\ۈ][[ۈ[X]\ MHYX\ L H8$SX[[[HYY][K K\[ ][^][[[K]\[Y[]BY\ۈHX[H]HYX[Y[]\HYH[Y\YZ[[YY]BY]H[Y\X[Y\[ L NŠ L H[]Z]H L JK[ KQS܈\]˝[X]˘H܈X]•[ۈ[\ L LN[Z\ H]]B[[ܛX][ۋL L8$[YH\]XH\[Y[]\X]\[[] ]XK]\Y[X Hؙ\[ۙ\ۈ^ۋ]\[[[]ݚB\[[[YHٙ܈[X\[\ܙ[^][ۜ[]\]YH]\Š L M K]X][[]YY\ۛHYH[X[][ H^HXٙ]H\[[][۝\˘][ٚ[\ۋK[HKZH8'܈H\x'Hܘ[XK[Yٙ][Z[[[\\]˜]\Y[ٛ[][ۋH܈[˂L L8$][Y[ۈXH N[X[[H \[^]Y[B]Y[ܜHܛK Y H[Z\\܈HXx&\YX]X[[Z[Y\[YYܘ[\H][[]\Y\܈[][[ق[XXH[\[Z\[HHYHو]\]Yx&\[XH\]\[ˈ\\HX]]ۘZ[L M˘]X[ۋXY ܙ܈[ NL LLL L L8$YHو]\]Yx&\ [X[ܝ[H\Bӈܝ\Y\ ̌ X\^Y[H]K\YHZ\\HX]\\[\]YH]\XY[[\Y\[\]]H[\ܙX]YH[[Y[Y[][Ӹ&\Y[ܘ\H[[Hܘ[KX\[܈H]\\[[۞H[H B][Z\ˈ[ MLKM LH܈[˂L LLMH8$YHو][H[Z\[H\][[]\ HK[] []HH^\وYYY][YX[H]ۚY[[[\[܋[YYܙ[YY\\[ܘY]H[\Z[Y[ \[[[[[[\YHو\[][\X\ˈ\]˛[Z\H܈X]˜[[ܛX][ۋL LLMH LH8$[ՙY[]HXYX[ܙ\ܝ[]H[YK ˈZ^H ܝ[]H[YHۘHYZ[Xۜ[[؛[و[Y\]܈HY\[]X[ۜHHܙ\^\Z[8&\[ۜ\Z[KQ[]X[ܙK\]˛ܝ[]][YKH܈[