October 2017 Magazines 89052 - Page 57

A Step Above 2018 Lucia Bevilacqua The art of learning is strong in Coronado High School senior Lucia Bevilacqua. A “science whiz” by nickname and nature, her abundant curiosity has served her well in the realm of academics. Possessing a deep well of self-procured knowledge, she’s as hard-working and dedicated a student as they come. But it’s the strides she’s taken to overcome personal obstacles, bypass self-defeating notions, and offer help to those who need a lift that offer a glimpse into her intriguing individuality. Nature, nurture or both, she’s taking advantage of everything at her disposal to realize her belief that “happiness is something you create for yourself, not something that just comes to you,” and for that, Lucia Bevilacqua is – A Step Above. G.P.A.: 4.726 Activities/Clubs: • Bella Voce, 2015-2016 • A Cappella Club, 2015-2016 • Concert Choir, 2016-2017; Choir Librarian, 2016-2017 • Mu Alpha Theta, 2015-Present; Secretary, 2016-2017; Co-President, 2017-Present • DIY Club–Co-Founder & Co-President, 2017-Present • National English Honors Society–Secretary, 2016-2017 • Philosophy Club, 2017-Present • Senior Class Commission, 2017-Present • LDS Seminary, 2015 -Present; Scripture Mastery Leader, 2015-2016 • Proofreader for Ciao Tutti magazine, 2015-2016 Awards/Community Service • AP Academy, 2014-Present • AP Scholar with Distinction, 2017-Present • National Merit Semifinalist, Present • 3rd place in Nevada Brain Bee, 2017 • LDS Family History Consultant, 2017-Present • The Shade Tree Computer Class Facilitator, 2016-Present • Content Creator for The Odyssey Online, 2017-Present Why is your focus on STEM colleges? “I just want to be intellectually and socially fulfilled. To befriend the brightest, quirkiest, most obsessive students in the nation and hear them infodump about their niche interests sounds like pure joy to me.” Have you had to overcome any major challenges? “I used to feel rather socially isolated, but then I realized that friendships won’t just fall into my lap. Surely, I’d have to become a person of value, with skills and talents. The Renaissance of my life– my rebirth– began once I started joining clubs, helping my classmates with their work, and investigating the LDS Church.” How are you involved in the Shade Tree shelter? “I helped start the computer skills program and sometimes facilitate the classroom myself. It’s basic skills, such as copy-pasting and sending emails, that not everyone has had the opportunity to learn. You’d see women who’ve gone through the most harrowing things now full of peace and smiles, all because they put in the work to master new skills.” October/November 2017 You’re committed to a very specific cause. Tell us about that. “Certain childhood neurodevelop- mental disorders have risen dramatically. Nobody truly knows why, but in this hyperpolarized cul- ture of hysteria, all sorts of explanations have sprung up. As a person with such a condition who’s served as a peer advocate for others on the spectrum, I believe it’s my duty to dig into the truth, emphasizing the distinct needs of this population over the sensational rhetoric.” 57