October 2017 Magazines 89052 - Page 52

Money Matters Living the Dream… Finding a Realtor That’s Right for YOU What's one thing realtors, car salesmen and politicians have in common? It's hard to find one you can trust! Sounds like the punch line from a B rated movie, but finding a realtor that’s right for you is no laughing matter. Whether you're buying or selling the home of your dreams, taking the time to research and choose the right agent will save you both money and headaches. RE/MAX Unlimited top producing agent Kendra Rich offers us some sound advice for choosing your next agent. More than a Hobby - Realtors are a dime a dozen and not all of them view real estate as their full-time job. Ask candidates if listing and selling homes is a full- time profession or if it’s a secondary hobby to their main career. A full-time agent makes it their priority to keep updated on constantly changing markets and trends. They’ll also be more readily available when you need them; a factor that could make the difference from getting that special home or watching someone else move in. Experience Matters - We all want newbies to succeed, but why hire a realtor that’s learning the ropes at your expense? Find out how long they’ve been prac- ticing in residential real estate and what they specialize in. Training is provided for new agents, but the best training is through experience. Make sure they have the experience you are looking for, in a price range and market demographic they’re familiar with. 52 It’s in the Details - Take a look at the quality of their online listings, both active and from the past. Make sure they are in fact the listing agent by looking at the fine print. Several sites including Zillow and Realtor.com sell advertising space for realtors on the same pages as the listing, creating the illusion that they’re the list- ing agent when they’re not. Analyze the photos they used; how many photos are included and do they look professionally done? Many agents don’t spend market- ing dollars to hire a photographer for quality pictures, yet in today's competitive market of Internet buyers a picture says a million words, the most important one October/November 2017 SPONSORED CONTENT being “SOLD.” As essential as the pictures, the descriptions the listing agent provides are also important. Are they impactful and detailed, or did they just write the bare minimum? These details are a direct reflection on the quality of work your agent provides whether you’re buying or selling a home, and should be a factor in your decision to hire them. What are People Saying - Get feedback on their reputation, either by word of mouth, searching the Internet or both. Google the agent's name to find a professional website and/or Facebook page, profile video or LinkedIn site that adds credibility. Does the agent have online reviews? These will give you a hint as to what you might experience if you decide to choose that particular agent. Would you rather choose a 5-star agent with outstanding reviews or a 3-star agent who seems to not care about their clients? The choice is yours! Money Talks - Be sure to talk about fees. Confirm the proposed commission structure as well as inquiring about transaction fees they may charge over and above their commission. Some agents will charge no additional fees while others could pack on up to $1,000 or more. Get it all up front before making your decision. Kendra Rich has been an agent in the Las Vegas Valley for 12 years. A top producer for RE/MAX Unlimited, and recently receiving her broker's license, Kendra specializes as a listing and buying agent, in relocations, and short sales. She also makes a donation to Children's Miracle Network in each client's name with every closed transac- tion. If you are looking to sell or buy a ݥѠЁѡ)ѥ́ɕͥٔɅѕ̰)ɭЁݱѥ)ѥѥ͔ݥѠѕɥ)٥ͥЁ-ɇéѕ(ԁ8MѕMиMեєİ)!ͽ9X٥ͥЁȁݕͥє)ЁܹɅɥ)ȁЁɅɅɥ)ȁȴ̴̸