October 2017 Magazines 89012 - Page 57

A Step Above 2018 Tristyn Yergensen Maintaining straight A’s throughout high school is no easy feat. It takes hard work, dedication and focus– a trifecta of skills that Coronado High School senior Tristyn Yergensen has made a force of habit. Her status as valedictorian candidate speaks to her competitive academic edge, while her extra- curricular interests reflect a fervor for personal enrichment and charitable efforts. When faced with inevitable challenges, she calls on inner strength, will power, and a philosophy that: “There are going to be things that knock you down, but you can't stop. You have to get up. You have to keep trying.” With a can-do attitude infused with kindness, Tristyn Yergensen has proven she’s got what it takes to stand– A Step Above. G.P.A.: 4.8 Sports/Clubs: • CHS JV Soccer, 2014-2016 • Heat FC '99 Club Soccer, 2013-2017 • Intermediate Guitar Program, 2015-2016 • Advanced Guitar, 2016-Present • CHS World Travelers Club, 2016-2017 • National Charity League, 2012-Present Honors/Community Service: • Valedictorian Candidate • CHS JV Soccer MVP, 2015-2016 • AP Academy, 2014-Present Advanced Guitar Leadership Award, 2016-2017 • Henderson Parks and Recreation Volunteer • Three Square Food Bank • Make a Wish Foundation • Opportunity Village • Josh Stevens Foundation • FEAT • Boys and Girls Club • Joyprom • Ronald McDonald House Do you have any post high school plans yet? “I hope to go to dental school at UCLA and become an orthodontist, incorporating traveling to less developed countries for dental work into my job. I would like to do volunteer dental work for people who are not as privileged as I am.” How would you characterize your work ethic? “I don't like to leave something unfinished. When there is something that means a lot to me, I become devoted to it and have an emotional connection. I don't give up easily and don't like to lose. I will fight until I prove myself.” Who is someone you look up to and why? “I look up to my uncle, because he has his own practice as an oral surgeon, volunteers for the dental school, and is on call for UMC. He is very kind to all of his patients and treats them with love and respect. He has devoted himself to helping out other peo- ple, and I have seen him do procedures at his practice with no charge. He is just an amazing person.” October/November 2017 What has been your favorite community service endeavor? “We went to Paraguay over the summer through a group called HEFY and helped build a school in Asuncion. The kids at the school were so grateful for anything that we could give them: dirty work gloves, water bottles, soccer balls, shoes, etc. I gave as much as possible to the kids, and it was a really humbling experience. I realized that we take things for granted, and should give back to those that are less fortunate.” 57