October 2017 Magazines 89012 - Page 55

Meet the Neighbor By Callie Thomas October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and while the Southern Highlands Charitable Foundation supports many organizations throughout the year, in October, the focus is on breast cancer research and providing wigs for women going through chemotherapy at an annual event called the Pink Tee. It was while co-hosting the Foundation’s autumn and spring events and ele- vating the Pink Tee event that Rock and Caiazzo met and became fast friends. Angela Rock focused on her legal career after mov- ing to Vegas from Seattle, Washington in 1999, but she was soon drawn to the Southern Highlands Charitable Foundation. “In 2000, the Southern Highlands Community Association was getting its start, and I was honored to act as the community’s outside counsel from 2000-2006. Over time, I not only became increasingly committed to the vision of Southern Highlands, but I began to support the mis- sion of the Southern Highlands Charitable Foundation,” says Rock. “At the time, Shelley was already acting as Executive Director of the Foundation, and in 2002, she created the Pink Tee event. I assumed the role of the Foundation’s Executive Director in 2013, and this year’s event is particularly bittersweet, as my mother-in-law lost her 25 year battle with breast cancer this past August,” she adds. Although the purpose of Pink Tee may be a sobering one, the vision of the Foundation has always been to keep the event light and full of promise. “We’ve always wanted to provide a giggle-filled event with all the things women love– the color pink, the latest fashion trends, cocktails, shopping, girl time, silli- ness, good friends and great scenery– all with a phil- anthropic purpose,” says Rock. “Over the years, the costume portion, where everyone comes dressed in pink, has become the main event and the social Pink Party has raised tens of thousands of dollars for the cause.” Rock and Caiazzo are especially proud of the “box for locks” fundraiser during Pink Tee where decora- tive pink boxes are sold for a chance to win high- value prizes. “The proceeds from each box translates into a wig for a woman who can’t afford the luxury of hair when her family’s finances are focused on saving her life,” Rock said. “To date, we’ve donated over 200 wigs to women in need, and I can’t wait to do more this year!” Shelley Caiazzo concurs. “It is a humbling and gratifying feeling knowing you have made a difference in someone’s life. Seeing the smiles on a woman who has her dignity back because she has a new wig is unlike any other feeling in the world.” To sign up for the Pink Tee event, visit www.southernhighlandsfoundation.com/pinktee. ◆ October/November 2017 As an established professional in the residential and private club industry specializing in marketing and membership growth, Caiazzo relocated to Las Vegas in 1998 to market the Southern Highlands Golf Club. She is currently the Director of Membership for Anthem Country Club. “My positions in Las Vegas have proven to be very exciting and rewarding and have opened the door for me into the world of philanthropy,” Caiazzo said. “The Pink Tee started as a fun 9-hole golf and social event to introduce women to the game of golf while raising money for various charitable organizations. In 2008, my life took a bit of a turn, and I was diagnosed with breast cancer.” After Caiazzo’s diagnosis, breast cancer after-care funding and awareness became the event’s primary goal. “The Pink Tee event solely benefits breast cancer organizations here in the Valley now. We have grown in numbers each year, mostly due to the fun that is had, but also to the growing number of women whose lives have been impacted in some way by this dreadful disease,” she said. lle Y OU KNOW IT’S OCTOBER IN VEGAS WHEN pumpkin patches, complete with caramel apples, cider and pony rides for the kids, start popping up on every vacant corner lot. Some might say it’s a time when earthy crimsons, sages and amber colors are the rage, but Angela Rock and Shelley Caiazzo would be more apt to paint the town PINK. 55