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About All Hallow’s Eve is just around the corner! Turn up the creep factor in the coming months at these wicked cool, crazy scary haunts in and outside Vegas. Fear the Walking Dead Survival Attraction: Las Vegas’ newest thrill attraction is now open at the Fremont Street Experience, beckoning fans of the hit AMC show and anyone looking for an immersive, inter- active zombie-fied experience. Equal parts thrill ride, maze, haunted house and interactive video game, this technologically advanced attraction puts the horror in horrific. Vegasexperience.com The Haunted Lockdown: We featured this paranormal hotspot in Livin’ Local not long ago, but the lockdown at Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings, Nevada is worth revisiting if you’re in for a bona fide Imagine standing at the top of a tall Las Vegas hotel, looking out over the Strip, close enough to the edge to drop…in a harness, of course. Could you? Would you? Olive Crest, a local organization that provides assistance to kids in cri- sis, is looking for sixty thrill-seek- ers to take the leap to raise awareness and funds for their Drop to Stop Child Abuse event on November 4. Here’s the drill: Participants will rappel 350 feet from the top of the Augustus Tower at the iconic Caesars Palace. Extreme sports enthusiasts, corporate leaders, philanthropic-minded individuals and members of the public are all welcome to vie for a spot at the top. Participants must raise from $1,500 to $3,500 to play, with the top dollar amount being devoted to the Toss Your Boss package, but naturally, the boss has to be willing. Careful what you wish for! The boss can nominate a willing employee for a matching donation. Safely on the ground, rappelers can partake in the Dare to Care Zone Drop Party featuring the Liquid Courage Lounge, food, refreshments, music and entertainment. Funds raised benefit Olive Crest and support child abuse prevention, treatment and education in the Valley. Do you have the courage to go over the edge? Visit www.olivecrest.org/nv and start fundraising today! ghost sighting. You’ll cruise through the bar from midnight to 4 a.m. Less is S'more with ghost hunting equipment listening for the three ghosts said to Master Mixologist Francesco Lafranconi created this signature drink, inspired by a popular girl scout cookie, for the Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada’s 2017 Dessert Before Dinner Gala in support of the organization. haunt the joint, probably see some spectral images, and definitely get a chill up your spine. Hauntedlockdown.com The Clown Motel: If you have Coulrophobia (intense fear of clowns), don’t go to this dated hotel in Tonopah, NV. Clowns, clowns every- where. Plus it’s allegedly haunted by victims of a plague. And it’s next to an eerie historical graveyard. While few reviewers on Facebook reported paranormal activity in their rooms, all were blown away by the owners’ sprawling collection of clowns. Find them on Facebook; don’t 1 oz. Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum 1 oz. Om Spirits Organic Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Liqueur 1 scoop of Marshmallow Cacao Sorbet by DolceVita (also produced in Las Vegas) Trilogy of Terror: Freakling Bros. is back this October with terror three Method Stir the liquors together over ice, then strain into a cocktail glass previously rimmed with torched marshmallow. Serve with a scoop of cacao sorbet. Garnish with another torched marshmallow, a drizzle of caramel chocolate sauce and graham cracker. What’s so special about the R rating? Well, unlike other haunted houses where the freaks and geeks keep their distance, by entering the Gates of Hell, you give consent for the ghouls to touch YOU. It’ll happen when you least expect it. Bri ȁ̸͡ɕɽ̹)!չѕ!ٕȁɔ䵙ɥ䁅ȰMɥ́Aɕ͕ٗe)!չѕ!ٕЁ́ѡɥ́ɕ́ѡ͕ͽݥѠ)͔хձȁոȁѡ̸QɕЁхѥ́ݥ͕)ѡɽ՝Ёѡɬѕ䁍ɹم̰ɍ)ѥ٥ѥ̰ѥ齼%dɅ̰ٔѕхЁɔ)́ݕMɥɕ͕ٔɜ(=ѽȽ9ٕȀ)ͅݔeЁ݅ɸԸ)݅Q ٕ̰ ѱYɔѡHɅѕѕ́!)=ٔ ɕЁɽѼMѽչɅ͕)QȁȁЁݹ)ɥѕѼѡ)MչɕՐqѡչt%)́ݡɕ酉)́ѽѕݥѠɵ)͵AɵЁ͵́չɅ)ɕ丁Mѕ-éѡ)܁٥%ЁͻeЁѕ́Ս