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INDIA J URNAL Volume 31, No 18 A Leading Indian-American Newspaper • www.indiajournal.com Friday, October 5, 2018 Pratham Raises $2.5 Million organizations. Pratham has received numerous awards, both in the US and HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA - The Los across the world. Dhami also announced Angeles chapter of Pratham USA came to- that he would be stepping down from his gether and hosted a glittering fundraising position of leadership on December 31st gala to support their mission - Every child this year, after serving the organization in school and learning well,- on Sept 29, for six fulfilling years. President Pratham USA Deepak raising  a whopping $2.5 million. Raj, took to the The gala was stage and spoke kicked off by some of the goals and pre-event socializ- contribution to ing at the Hilton and by Pratham to Waterfront Beach the communities Resort, while re- of India and US. nowned Mentalist He introduced the Oz Pearlman kept keynote speaker as the guests ecstatic “his Senator from with his feats. the great state of The event start- New Jersey”. ed with a welcome The keynote speech by Presi- speaker for the dent Rajen Dhami. evening was New Pratham has trans- Jersey Senator formed the lives of Cory Booker. In more than 50 mil- a heart-warming lion underserved talk, Booker em- children and youth phasized  on the across 21 Indian importance of em- states, 23 cities and powering the de- 2 union territories. prived. The best In addition, we have assisted 100,000 Engaging: Senator Cory Booker delivered way to ensure a great future for hu- youth in getting the keynote address manity is to invest relevant jobs and supported more than 1,000 entrepreneurs in the education of children. The greatest in building their own enterprises, he said, natural resource on planet Earth is not speaking of the organizations programs oil, gas or coal; it is the genius of our and efforts in touching lives of the under- children. The more we invest in that re- privileged. He continued, For eight  con- source, the more we all benefit, the more secutive years, Pratham has maintained our society grows, he said. Speaking of a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, the fundraising evening, he added, You Contd. on A2 one of the USs largest charity assessment are planting seeds that BY MANSI MOTWANI BY GINA DARGAN IRVINE, CA - Dandiya Queen Falguni Pathak visited Southern California to celebrate Navratri here. With her lively energy and classic tunes, Pathak danced her way into the heart of hundreds of her fans , at the UC Irvine Event Center on Sept 30, at an event hosted by the Sankara Eye Foundation. The Queen of Dandiya has been in the limelight for the past two decades as she is known for her famous Navratri tours throughout India and the US. This year marked her 6th annual tour within the US. She first began making waves within the music industry in India with songs such as “Maine Payal Hai Chankayi” and “Meri Chonnar Generosity: (Above) Sudesh & Chitra Arora flank Madhav Chavan ; (Below) Manu & Rika Shah pledged to donate $1 million (All pics by Mayur Shah) Ud Ud Jaye” and has since gained an incredible fan following. Even before Pathak had made her appearance on stage, the crowd was bustling with energy and yearned for the Queen to finally approach and fill the stadium with her sweet, melodious voice. The audience, wild with vivacity and excitement for the night to offi- cially begin, danced their hearts out to the background music as they awaited Pathak’s appearance. When the Queen herself arrived, she did not disappoint. To say she shined would be an understatement as she performed classics such as, “Pari Hun Mein” and Contd. on A5 “Dholida Dhol Re Queen of Dandiya Revs Up SoCal Capturing Hearts: Falguni Pathak Inside Gita Gopinath Appt. IMF Director - A12 Mahatma Gandhi Celebrations in SoCal - A10 Padma Lakshmi: I Was Raped - A16 Farhan Akhtar Series Gets Emmy Nom - A6 Approaching Retirement? Thinking about Long Term Care? Bhoopi Kohli, ChFC, AIF – DOI Lic, # 0630453 Ravin Kohli – DOI Lic, # 0F15034 bhoopi@kfico.com 714-734-8899 Ravin@kfico.com Please contact us today to find out how we can help you with Building, Protecting and Preserving Your Financial Future We help individuals and businesses take control of their financial life, and our comprehensive strategies are designed to help you achieve your financial independence. Call 1-800-966-7744 Ask for Bhoopi Kohli or email bhoopi@KFICO.com