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GERMAN Gasthaus Gutenberger 2583 Portage Ave, 204-888‐3133. The hearty style of authentic German cuisine is practised in this rustic, chalet-style atmosphere, using market‐fresh ingredients to create traditional fare. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V GREEK Gus & Tony’s at The Park 2015 Portage Ave, 204‐414‐5508. This eatery offers brawny burgers, saucy gyros, perfectly seasoned souvlaki and fries. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V Tuxedo Village Restaurant 2090 Corydon Ave, 204‐897‐6565. This restaurant is famous for its perfectly spiced chicken souvlaki and massive Greek salads that are never stingy on the feta and olives. WA, LP, SP, A, IA, M, V INDIAN Clay Oven 240-1600 Kenaston Common, 204‐888‐2529; 1 Portage Ave East (Shaw Park), 204‐982‐7426; 247 Edmonton St, 204‐415‐7797. This extensive East Indian menu features everything from butter chicken to spicy seafood curries. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V East India Company 349 York Ave, 204-947‐3097. Centuriesold artifacts grace the room of the Mehra family’s flagship restaurant. The food is flawless, with biryani beautifully presented and perfectly spiced. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V India Palace 770 Ellice Ave, 204-774‐6061. A large and varied menu features vegetable, chicken, lamb and seafood dinners. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V INTERNATIONAL/ CLASSIC Bailey’s 185 Lombard Ave, 204-944‐1180. Heavy wooden doors open onto a world that celebrates the British Empire. Specialties include the reuben, rack of lamb and prime rib of beef. WA, LP, SP, A, IA, M, V, ATM Maxime’s 1131 St. Mary’s Rd, 204-257‐1521. The elegant atmosphere and the wideranging menu, offering short‐order favourites, make for a multigenerational palate pleaser. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V INTERNATIONAL/ CONTEMPORARY The Beachcomber The Forks Market, 1 Forks Market Rd, 204‐948‐0020. This restaurant’s focus on seafood is a reflection of its stunning riverside views. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V The Blue Marble Restaurant & Lounge 1979 Wellington Ave, 204‐594‐1967. With greens grown on site, fresh delights are served up with artful presentations. Cavena nuda risotto is a standout. WA, LP, IA, A, M, V Café Savour 956 St. Mary’s Rd, 204‐254‐4681. Hand-painted tables and vibrant green walls complement the eclectic menu, which draws influence from New Orleans to South Africa to Asia. Five-course menus offered for $45. LP, SP, A, IA, M, V Enoteca A-1670 Corydon Ave, 204‐487‐1529. This intimate and ultra-hip space boasts an extensive menu of wines and cocktails as well as a creative menu of exotic ingredients. WA, LP, IA, M, V Jane’s 504 Main St, 204‐632‐2594 Red River College’s Paterson GlobalFoods Institute offers a unique dining experience where patrons interact with students as they execute an inspired menu. Reservations recommended. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V 295 York 295 York Ave, 204‐896‐7275. Sophisticated steak and seafood in a sleek blue-and-copper hued dining room. Feast on prime cuts of beef and tender half rack of lamb. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V The Mitchell Block 173 McDermot Ave, 204-949‐9032. Exchange District spot serves up an eclectic, Mediterranean influenced menu in an industrial chic setting. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V The Merchant Kitchen 314 Donald St, 204-615‐2278. This recent open serves a mash-up of street food inspired plates with Latin and pan-Asian flavours. WA, SP, LP, A, IA, M, V The Palm Lounge Fort Garry Hotel, 222 Broadway St. 1-800-665-8088. This swish lounge boasts live jazz performances, while the kitchen presents stellar scratch-made sensations. WA, LP, A, V, M, ATM Rudy’s Eat & Drink 375 Graham Ave, main floor MB Hydro Place, 204-421-9094. Diners enjoy mod steakhouse offerings, like steak frites or grilled dijon salmon served with tomato jam and chickpea salad. WA, LP, SP, A, IA, M, V Sydney’s The Forks Market, 2nd floor, 204‐942‐6075. This nationally acclaimed restaurant offers a five‐course evening menu for a fixed price of $55. WA, LP, SP, A, IA, M, V Table Winnipeg Art Gallery, 300 Memorial Blvd, 204-948‐0085. Daytime diners have an intriguing view of the WAG’s rooftop sculpture garden. The varied menu offers Mediterranean inspired dishes. WA, LP, SP, IA, M, V, A ITALIAN/CLASSIC Colosseo Restorante 670 Corydon Ave, 204‐284‐4977. House-made, classic Italian fare makes this a favourite for many family outings. WA, SP, LP, M, V, IA Mona Lisa 1697 Corydon Ave, 204-488‐3687. The cuisine of the Grande family’s southern Italy home has been offered for more than 20 years. Several housemade pastas, traditional and gourmet pizzas. WA, LP, SP, A, IA, M, V, ATM Monticchio 684 Osborne St, 204-477‐4773. This South Osborne mainstay serves traditional recipes in a contemporary space. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V Tre Visi Café 926 Grosvenor Ave, 204‐475‐4447. Chef/owner Giacomo Appice is the talent behind this sophisticated bistro. His nationally recognized Italian- Mediterranean cuisine incudes the city’s most sumptuous gnocchi. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V ITALIAN/ CONTEMPORARY Amici 326 Broadway, 204-943‐4997. Chef Todd Bjornson and a talented kitchen team turn out Northern Italian cuisine in an elegant space. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V Bellissimo 1‐877 Waverley St, 204-489‐0495. This surprisingly sophisticated neighbourhood spot offers sublime fare, like the signature chicken linguine in Amaretto cream sauce. WA, LP, SP, A, IA, M, V Bombolini 326 Broadway, 204-943‐5066. This wine bar offers an extensive menu of simpler, less‐expensive versions of Amici’s fine Italian cuisine in a bistro atmosphere. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V Café Carlo 243 Lilac St, 204-477‐5544. This cozy, chic and consistent bistro serves dishes spiked with equatorial tastes and textures. Those in the know come for stellar house-cut steaks. Reservations recommended. WA, LP, IA, M, V, A Carbone 400-1580 Taylor Ave, 204‐488‐2554; 260 St Mary Ave, 204‐691‐2213. Extra crispy crusts are the result of an 850°F coal-fired oven at this chic pizza place. Tantalizing toppings include arugula, calabrese salami and Parmesan. Try coal-fired wings. WA, LP, IA, A, M, V 46 ciao! / oct/nov / two thousand fifteen