Oct/Nov 2015 Oct/Nov 2015 - Page 27

Island cabinets maximize storage and hide dishwasher. ‘WOW FACTOR’ Large, walk-in pantry with wide shelves accommodates big boxes and appliances. Marble, wood and stone are the natural elements used by DLUX Design & Co to create this sleek, modern space that promotes function for the owners’ growing family. These three materials are integrated into the rest of the home, making transitions seamless in this open concept. What makes this kitchen shine is its sparkle. Chrome chairs, overhanging clusters of glass fixtures, stainless steel appliances, a bright white wrap around island countertop, and a wall of coin sized tiles catch the light, bedazzling all who enter. Although looks count for a lot, beyond the clean surface lies enough cabinets to store all the staples, snacks and serving ware for this socially active family. WALL PAINT Cloud Cover, Benjamin Moore. HARDWARE Metal Handle, Fusion Collection, Richelieu. COUNTERTOPS Quartzforms nuvula 615, Netley Millwork. BACKSPLASH Used as a statement wall, variegated shades of white tile sparkle up to the ceiling. Saltillo, Long Hexagon, Oriental White. CABINETRY Two surface choices contrast above and below countertops. Flat Panel, High Gloss White, Netley Millwork. Walnut EcoWood, Netley Millwork. COUNTERTOPS Nuvula Quartz, QuartzForms, Netley Millwork. FLOORING Amidst all the cool white, natural oak is warm and gentle on the feet. White Oak, NeoClassic Collection, Era Design. ciao! / oct/nov / two thousand fifteen 25