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Real food from the land… At Peasant Cookery we have a passion for transforming fresh ingredients into original and trend-forward cuisine. Our rustic, seasonally inspired menu, famous housemade charcuterie, combined with exceptional service and inviting bistro atmosphere, are an experience not to be missed! ciao!news editor's pick I eye on the pies Unofficially the favourite pastry of the prairies, pie season falls just in time for autumn celebrations. These sweet and savoury pies take the cake. Apple pie from Shut Ur Pie Hole is proof that good things come in small packages. Baked in jars, tart and tender apples enveloped by a flaky crust are perfect on the go. Devour a forkful of the chicken pot pie at Smith, filled with chicken, peas, and mushrooms. A golden crust, hearty filling and creamy gravy ensures this tried and true favourite feels like a warm hug. A slice of five-berry pie from Goodie’s Bakeshop is a fruit explosion. Plump juicy berries in a delicious buttery pastry make up this sweet and tart slice. Traditional French Canadian tourtière at Resto Gare combines a generous portion of lightly spiced beef and pork with seasonal vegetables. Delicate pieces of meat melt into a savoury country gravy for a filling bite. For a fiery twist, indulge in Indian butter chicken pie from Mr. D’s Tart and Pie. Tender diced chicken, peas and carrots complement creamy house made butter chicken sauce that oozes out of tender crust. Photo courtesy of Shut Ur Pie Hole 100-283 bannatyne avenue, winnipeg | 204.989-7700 wowhospitality.ca 8 ciao! / oct/nov / two thousand fifteen