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first word travel bites When on vacation, every meal counts. Seldom do we deliberately seek out the mediocre – whether grabbing something fast between the day’s activities or stopping to savour a multi-course culinary extravaganza from one of the region’s most lauded chefs, the roadster rule for foodies is to eat very well, always. For some of us, picking our place to recreate takes into consideration what there is to eat when we get there. Is there a vibrant restaurant scene? What are the region’s indigenous ingredients? Are the chefs cooking creatively, offering a chance to taste something new and exciting? What is it going to cost? Fortunately for Peg city residents, we have it all! Winnipeg is one of Canada’s great restaurant cities. Our multiculturalism and diverse landscape from which to draw our food (forests, lakes, prairies and marshes) make our local flavour a unique blend of tastes that takes inspiration from cuisines around the world. Chefs have created healthy competition, pushing themselves to present foraged favourites in unexpected ways. What’s more, the characteristic practicality of the population (read: frugal) keeps the prices in restaurants from soaring. In fact, the most “expensive” dining options are still a bargain here, and the best bargains can be found at the best restaurants, where premium ingredients are essential to their winning recipes. This summer, Ciao! magazine presents its annual city-wide restaurant event that showcases our local culinary pioneers. These top restaurants offer incredible 3-course meals at a fixed price throughout the entire month of July. Ciao! EAT Winnipeg is designed to encourage locals and visitors alike to dine at the city’s best places and enjoy creative and memorable meals. Participating restaurants sweeten the offer by serving up these full meal deals for only $38. This cool event is sure to be a hot draw, so make reservations to avoid disappointment. Our guess is that once you start eating, you’ll want to visit them all! For the times when eating is going to be fast and casual, this issue’s inthekitchen and ciao!cooks features present a delicious line up of healthy fast food to add to your summer fun. Whether chowing down on burger hut grub that’s good for the planet or childhood favourites revamped with a gourmet twist, you can feel good about indulging in some classic summer road food. This special travel issue of Ciao! celebrates the relationship between food and travel and is sure to whet appetites for a road trip. It has additional circulation reaching Grand Forks and Fargo, in hopes of encouraging a visit north! If you and your family head out on the highway, follow our ciao! travels guide for some fun places to discover along the way. The journey is filled with shopping and good eating destinations, as well as some unexpected attractions. For more summer fun, this special issue is complete with a season-long calendar of events and activities as well as a directory of our picks for the city’s best 100 restaurants. If you are planning a trip to Winnipeg or are a resident with visitors, enjoy the summer, and let this be the guide that enriches every experience! Laurie Hughes, Publisher attitude is everything It’s sundress season and Gravity has the lingerie to fit your every mood. It’s the right moment to become a gravity girl! Gravity lingerie 252 Stafford Street 204.691.8858 gravitylingerie.ca ciao! / june/july / two thousand fifteen 5