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inthekitchen plant power Boon Burger is giving Winnipeg a vegucation with upgraded versions of traditional burger hut favourites. by Joelle Kidd It’s 12:30 on a Friday afternoon, and Boon Burger on Bannatyne is packed to capacity. The sunny space, sporting industrial touches of brick and steel alongside playful chalkboard drawings, is not a typical burger joint – there are things missing from the kitchen that fast food purveyors nary go without. A deep fryer for example. Oh, and ground beef. In fact, no meat, dairy, or eggs find their way onto the premises. Yet, this all-vegan burger cafe is by no means exclusionary. The flood of patrons packing out booths during the weekday lunch rush shows that Boon burgers, fries, shakes, and dogs appeal to the masses. Prepared from scratch, with killer consistency, the menu is accessible with straight up healthy, environmentally sustainable, cruelty-free fare. A vegan burger shack had never been attempted in Canada, but co-owners and spouses Tomas Sohlberg and Anneen DuPlessis exhibit the kind of freewheeling spirit necessary for such a venture. These two world travellers met in Key West, Florida at a yoga class – fast forward five weeks and they were getting married in Las Vegas. Now, almost nineteen years later, this spirit and tenacity shows through in their business practices as well. Burgers made of beans may not seem like a hot commodity, but five years into their venture, sales are booming. 16 ciao! / june/july / two thousand fifteen