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ciao!travel ksdale Arborg 68 Baba’s best eats Julia’s Place (formally known as Julia’s Ukrainian Restaurant)is home away from your homeaway-from-home in Manitoba’s cottage county. Joanna, the restaurant’s Matriarch, is as baba-esque as they come—all she wants is to make sure you’re fed and full. Dinner usually involves a hearty Hungarian goulash and a bowl of Joanna’s colourful beet borscht. Beachside Little Italy Located in a restored Winnipeg Beach home, Casa Bianca mirrors its quaint cottage surroundings. For dinner, try an Italian favourite like rich veal bolognese or classic chicken parmesan. Vino is the only adult beverage available, with varieties hailing from all over the world. WHERE TO SHOP A Family Affair Built in Gimli in 1898, Tergesen HP & Sons is the oldest family operated general store in Manitoba, but still stocks trendy brands like Silver Jeans and Lug bags. Souvenir lovers can find gift ideas in abundance for the home decorator, bookworm, or wine lover. WHAT TO DO Seawall Sightings Gimli’s 977 foot long seawall is a sight to behold, covered in more than 65 murals by 43 local artists depicting colorful stories from the Interlake area. The adjacent boardwalk is prime real estate in the summertime to lookout on beach bums and sail boaters. Icelandic Roots Learn the history of the town referred to by locals as “New Iceland” at Gimli’s Heritage Museum. The story of the Icelandic settlement of Manitoba in 1875 comes complete with opportunity to dress up in traditonal Viking regalia—don a horned helmet and fur cloak for an extra lively history lesson. Pizza Paradise There’s tradition in every bite at Integrity Foods, where artisan bakers grind ancient grains like spelt into flour for bread and bagels using techniques passed down through generations. Friday and Saturday nights are a DIY pizza picnic—build your own pie from toppings grown in the garden and bake it outdoors in the wood-fired brick oven. . ake itoba lta rsh 0 26 Prairie arman 3 Morden 2 Narcisse 6 Winkler Altona 3 231 231 17 1 75 7 9 8 67 St. Andrews Winnipeg Glenlea 305 Winnipeg Beach Morris 311 Red R. 59 59 59 Selkir 212 New Bothwe Steinbach Emerson Gimli ciao! / june/july / two thousand fifteen 13