Oct/Nov 2015 June/July 2015 - Page 13

ciao!travel From the picturesque farmlands of Southern Manitoba to the Interlake’s sandy beaches, pockets of prairie life are still steeped in the culture of Mennonite and Icelandic settlers. Southern Sights by Bethany Zacharias WHERE TO EAT Mexicanite Medley Del Rios’ husband and wife duo—Mexican born Mennonites—brought the best flavours from both worlds to Winkler more than a decade ago. A pit stop at this small town grub hub rewards with juicy beefsteak stuffed tortillas, locally farmed beans, and eggy kielke noodles topped with cream gravy and fried onions. Roadside Eats Burke’s Roadhouse on Hwy 75 is just what it sounds like: a mid-western inspired watering hole dishing out perfect road food. Try the “Burky”, a staple on the menu since 1961, a burger served open-face and smothered in gravy. Backyard barbeque afficianados can cook their own steak on a grill set up inside, while sipping local or imported brews. WHERE TO SHOP Prairie Finds In Morden, nibble on an egg salad sandwich amidst Oldies and Goodies’ antique covered walls. A mismatched seating area is a quirky stop for nostalgia lovers, with a menu of simple, classic bites rounding out the experience. Antiques are sourced from a 2-hour radius, making this shop a gold mine for prairie treasures. German Goodwill It’s not uncommon to hear whispers of Plautdietsch while perusing the aisles of the Morris Mennonite Central Committee Thrift Store, one of a handful of MCC shops sprinkled around Southern Manitoba. Go digging for keepsakes in an impressive selection of housewares, records and board games. Vintage china and crystal displays set our hearts aflutter. ciao! / june/july / two thousand fifteen 11