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To help Ciao! readers seek out the best gourmet foods in Winnipeg, we compiled a list of shops that offer a selection of fresh, prepared, and packaged foods. While we try to provide a comprehensive and accurate list, store information may change without notice. Enjoy! BREAD/PASTRY Chocolate Zen Bakery 553 Osborne St, 204‐287‐CAKE. Decadent tortes, pastries and squares for special occasions Cocoabeans Bakeshop 268 Tache Ave, 204‐918‐5313. Gourmet glutenfree bakery offers wide selection of breads and pastries. Le Croissant 276 Tache Ave, 204‐237‐3536. Traditional French bakery; excellent baguettes The Crusty Bun 1026 St. Mary’s Rd, 204‐257‐7311. European-style artisan breads and baked products made on site The Cupcake Corner 439 Stradbrook Ave, 204‐453‐CAKE. Boutique bakery offers a rainbow of flavours and colours in cupcakes Goodies Bake Shop 1124 Ellice Ave, 204‐949‐2480. Specialty breads, cakes, pastries and confections Gunn’s Bakery 247 Selkirk Ave, 204‐582‐2364. Bagels, specialty breads and kosher baking High Tea Bakery 2103 Portage Ave, 204‐775‐0264. Customdesigned cakes, dainties and cookies for all occasions Jonnies Sticky Buns 941 Portage Ave, 204‐415‐7287. Rolled sticky buns with sweet and savoury fillings. Gluten-free and vegan buns available Lilac Bakery 920 Grosvenor Ave, 204‐992‐8000. Upscale bakery offering classic treats like grandma used to make Lisbon Bakery 717 Sargent Ave, 204‐775‐7612. Corn bread, rye and Portuguese water bread Sleepy Owl Bread 751 Wall St, 204‐805‐2530. Breads and pastries made with local ingredients Sweet Impressions 669 Stafford St, 204‐237‐0743. Nut-free bakery specializing in designer hand-iced cookies and cupcakes. Gifts for bakers sold on-site Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company 859 Westminster Ave, 204‐783‐5097; The Forks Market, main floor. Organic sour dough, rye and cracked wheat. Also dairy- and egg‐free baking CHOCOLATIER Chocolatier Constance Popp 180 Provencher Blvd, 204‐897‐0689. Award-winning artisanal chocolates. Creative use of regional ingredients. specialtyfoods Mordens’ of Winnipeg 674 Sargent Ave, 204‐783‐4551. Winnipeg institution sells chocolates made on site, including Russian mints ETHNIC SPECIALTY Dino’s Grocery Mart 460 Notre Dame Ave, 204‐942‐1526. Importer of food and spices from the Caribbean Islands, Asia, Africa and the Americas Neechi Foods 865 Main St, 204‐586‐5597. Stocked with MB proteins, produce and specialty foods. On-site bakery with offerings like bannock Young’s Market 397 William Ave, 204‐957‐0230, 1000 McPhillips St, 204‐957‐1088. Modern Asian superstore stocked with dry goods, fresh produce, frozen seafood and meat counter MARKET/FINE FOOD De Luca’s Specialty Foods 950 Portage Ave, 204‐774‐7617. Italian cheeses, cold cuts, olives, marinated vegetables. Dried and fresh pasta and breads, frozen Italian delicacies The Forks Market Home to a variety of specialty food stores including: Bindy’s Island Hut, 204‐956‐7206; Fenton’s Gourmet Foods; The Cheese Shop, 204‐942‐8984; Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen, 204‐942‐5097; Human Bean Coffee & Tea, 204‐947‐3777; The Fudge Guy, 204‐504‐0101 G.J. Andrews 384 Academy Rd, 204‐487‐7300. Wines from around the world beside rows of imported delicacies and gourmet take away My Farmers’ Market 204‐272‐9555, myfarmersmarket.com, online farmers’ market offering same-day delivery in Winnipeg year-round. Organza 230 Osborne St, 204‐453‐6266. Deli, produce, dry goods, frozen foods and home care products Piazza De Nardi 1360 Taylor Ave, 204‐982‐9461 [market], 204‐982‐VINO(8466) [wine store]. Indoor market offers prepared Italian specialties, gourmet dried goods, cheese and wines. Elaborate pastry counter, along with colourful gelati cooler. Quaint cafe‐style seating for dining in Scoop ’n Weigh 1770 Taylor Ave, 204‐489‐1031. Spices, specialty flours, snacks, candies and health foods Vita Health Fresh Market Six locations in Winnipeg, myvita. ca, 204‐984‐9599 for information. Local chain of health stores carrying natural beauty products to supplements to organic groceries MEAT & FISH The Carver’s Knife 29‐1530 Regent Ave, 204‐663‐6771. Manitoba beef aged and cut on‐site. Selection of made‐in‐Manitoba products Gimli Fish Market 596 Dufferin Ave, 204‐589‐3474; 625 Pembina Hwy, 204‐477‐6831, 5‐1604 St. Mary’s Ave, 204‐256‐3474. Specialties include fresh or frozen pickerel and goldeye, smoked on site Mariner Neptune 472 Dufferin Ave, 204‐589‐5341. Live, fresh and frozen seafood from around the world Miller’s Super Valu Meats 590 St Mary’s Rd, 204‐233‐5409; #2‐2425 Pembina Hwy, 204‐269‐4442; 1867 Grant Ave, 204‐487‐2666. Fresh meats and specialty foods. TEA, COFFEE & OIL The Canister 121 Osborne St, 204‐474‐0407. Over 100 varieties of teas, loose and in bags; Godiva chocolates and 60 varieties of coffee beans Cornelia Bean 417 Academy Rd, 204‐489‐5460. More than 200 varieties of loose tea and 18 freshly roasted coffees from around the world Frescolio 929 Corydon Ave, 204‐505‐1455. Extra virgin olive oil and vinegar tasting room offering a vast selection of specialty oils, balsamic vinegars and more OLiV 540 Academy Rd, 204‐414‐2019. Canadian olive oil and vinegar tasting franchise featuring tons of product for hundreds of pairings WINE Banville & Jones Wine Co 1616 St. Mary’s Rd, 204‐948‐WINE (9463). Large, Tuscan‐inspired space features wines from around the world; wine gifts, accessories and gourmet items Calabria Market & Fine Wines 139 Scurfield Blvd, 204‐487‐1700. Italian favourites for take-out, and an exclusive wine selection. De Luca Fine Wines 942 Portage Ave, 204‐783‐9463. Hundreds of new and old world wines, wide selection of wine-related gifts and accessories Fenton’s Wine Boutique The Forks Market, main floor, 204‐956‐4613. Many varieties of wines including reds, whites, sparklings, ports and sherries Kenaston Wine Market 1855A Grant Ave, 204‐488‐9463. Newly remodeled space carries fine wines, sherries and ports; Riedel custom gift baskets The Wine House 110‐1600 Kenaston Blvd, 204‐275‐6660. Canadian and imported wines; wine accessories 50 ciao! / feb/mar / two thousand fifteen