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Sydney’s The Forks Market, 2nd floor, 204‐942‐6075. This nationally acclaimed restaurant offers a five‐course evening menu for a fixed price of $55. Chef/owner Michael Schafer uses ingredients culled from Israel to Hawaii. WA, LP, SP, A, IA, M, V ITALIAN/CLASSIC Brooklynn’s Bistro 177 Lombard, 204‐415‐4112. A lofty and elegant room features wood-fired pizzas and polenta with truffles. WA, A, IA, M, V Colosseo Restorante 670 Corydon Ave, 204‐284‐4977. House-made, classic Italian fare makes this the place for Italian cravings. A warm and friendly environment makes this a favourite for many family outings. WA, SP, LP, M, V, IA Mona Lisa 1697 Corydon Ave, 204-488‐3687. The cuisine of the Grande family’s southern Italy home has been offered for more than 20 years. Several house-made pastas, traditional and gourmet pizzas. WA, LP, SP, A, IA, M, V, ATM Monticchio 684 Osborne St, 204-477‐4773. This South Osborne mainstay serves traditional recipes in a contemporary space. Try the signature breaded veal topped with kalamata olives and Provolone cheese. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V Tre Visi Café 926 Grosvenor Ave, 204‐475‐4447. Chef/owner Giacomo Appice is the talent behind this sophisticated bistro. His nationally recognized Italian- Mediterranean cuisine incudes the city’s most sumptuous gnocchi. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V Vera Pizzeria 670 Osborne St, 204‐222‐6306. A simple menu of Neapolitan-style pizza features clean preparation of high quality ingredients. IA, M, V ITALIAN/ CONTEMPORARY Amici 326 Broadway, 204-943‐4997. Executive Chef Patrick Shrupka leads a talented kitchen team that turns out inspired Northern Italian cuisine in an elegant space. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V Bellissimo 1‐877 Waverley St, 204-489‐0495. This surprisingly sophisticated neighbourhood spot offers sublime fare, like the signature chicken linguine in Amaretto cream sauce. WA, LP, SP, A, IA, M, V Bombolini 326 Broadway, 204-943‐5066. This wine bar offers an extensive menu of simpler, less‐expensive versions of Amici’s fine Italian cuisine in a bistro atmosphere. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V bestlist Cafe Carlo 243 Lilac St, 204-477‐5544. This cozy, chic and consistent bistro serves dishes spiked with equatorial tastes and textures. Those in the know come for stellar house-cut steaks. Reservations recommended. WA, LP, IA, M, V, A Cafe la Scala 725 Corydon Ave, 204-474‐2750. Tony Tascona masterpieces decorate the walls while the kitchen does artistic dishes such as La Scala dumplings with ginger garlic chile cream sauce. LP, SP, A, IA, M, V Carbone 400-1580 Taylor Ave, 204‐488‐2554; 260 St Mary Ave, 204‐691‐2213. Extra crispy crusts are the result of an 850°F coal-fired oven at this chic pizza place. Tantalizing toppings include arugula, calabrese salami and Parmesan. Try coal-fired wings. WA, LP, IA, A, M, V. Cibo Waterfront Cafe 339 Waterfront Dr, 204‐594‐0339. Renovated heritage space boasts one of the best views in the city. Mediterranean small plates have big, bold flavours. LP, SP, A, IA, M, V. Teo’s & Mano A Mano 691 Corydon Ave, 204‐414‐6305. This sleek resto and lounge serves woodfired pies built on Nonna’s fresh dough. Fresh pasta, stellar seafood starters. IA, V, M, SP, LP. Nicolino’s 4‐2077 Pembina Hwy, 204-269‐5004. Owner Nick Zifarelli oversees a menu of rustic Italian classics that sparkles with innovative Canadian/regional specialties. WA, LP, SP, A, IA, M, V Pizzeria Gusto 404 Academy Rd, 204‐944‐8786. The wood-fired oven and contemporary pies, dressed with unique toppings like pear and rosemary, draw a crowd to this posh bistro. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V Tapastry 620 Niakwa Rd, 204‐256‐7326. Situated adjacent lush Niakwa golf course, this upscale space offers stand-out Italy influenced tapas. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V JAPANESE Blüfish 179 Bannatyne Ave, 204-779‐9888. This chic sushi spot balances sophistication with a healthy dose of fun. Try playful pan-seared cuttlefish with ginger-laced teriyaki sauce. LP, A, IA, M, V Ichiban 189 Carlton St, 204-925‐7400. A Winnipeg tradition for over 30 years, teppanyaki-style fresh entrées are cooked with panache by talented chefs. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V Meiji 454 River Ave, 204-284‐3996. Offers unique house rolls like tropical and fashion roll. The ambiance and location make this sushi spot a memorable one. Try a fancy drink from attached G Martini Bar. LP, A, IA, M, V Naru Sushi 159 Osborne St, 204-888‐0028. The dark wood decor sets a sleek, urban mood. Menu offers traditional and fusion dishes. The moonbow roll is beautifully presented with colour coordinated roe and sauces. LP, SP, A, IA, M, V Wasabi/Wasabi on Broadway/ Wasabi Sabi 105‐121 Osborne St, 204-474‐2332; 588 Broadway, 204-774-4328; 3-1360 Taylor Ave, 204‐415‐7878. New‐school sushi is taken to new creative heights at all locations. Visually stunning rolls leave a lasting impression. Take a seat at the sushi bar just to watch the volcano roll erupt. WA, LP, SP, A, IA, M, V Yujiro Japanese Restaurant 1822 Grant Ave, 204-489‐9254. Masa Sugita’s stylish incarnation of this former take-out spot is an ideal stop for traditional rolls. Try the delicate kaisou salad, mixed seaweed bathed in yuzu dressing. WA, LP, IA, M, V KOREAN IGI BBQ & Sushi Bistro 10-1875 Pembina Hwy, 204‐477‐9909. Its all about table-top, do-it-yourself barbeque at this new all-you-caneat Japanese and Korean focused restaurant. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V MEXICAN Burrito Del Rio 433 River Ave, 204-415‐5600; 775 Corydon Ave, 204‐414‐2440. This Tex-Mex eatery offers made-to-order favourites, including fajitas, burritos and quesadillas. Try unique garnishes like lime sour cream and chilli-roasted corn. WA, LP, SP, A, IA, M, V Carlos & Murphy’s 129 Osborne St, 204-284‐3510. Serves Mexican cantina food such as taco salads, hot wings, chimichangas, heaping Carlos nachos and renowned iced margaritas. WA, LP, SP, A, IA, M, V Don Pedro’s Authentic Mexican Grill 114 Market Ave, 204‐956‐7465. The chef prepares a full menu of authentic Mexican treats. This heritage space is decorated with eye-catching souvenirs from south of the border. Free chips and salsa at every table. WA, LP, IA, M, V JC’s Tacos and More 187 Henderson Hwy, 204‐414‐9187; 2651 Portage Ave, 204‐415‐3326; 20 Island Shore Blvd, 204‐927‐2150. These cheerful restaurants instantly offer house-made juices and madefrom-scratch dishes like pupsas, tortas and tacos. WA, IA, V, LP, M Los Chicos Restaurante Cantina 1715 Kenaston Blvd, 204‐938‐2229. A family-friendly menu lists five types of tacos alongside enchiladas, tostadas, chili and fajitas. WA, LP, SP, IA, V, M, A 44 ciao! / feb/mar / two thousand fifteen